BB Day 2 Booster, What ya running?

In the spirit of BB Day 2, what boosters are you running today?

I can’t justify the price for loot booster, especially for Lootpocolypse, but the wife and I will be using xp boosters.
For the sake of the community!
Let’s all do the same and use at least one!

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Hello. I hacr been running Orendi and Toby today mostly. Have you figured out hiw to get the battleborn day title?

Running a 5 man all with Loot Boosters is your justification. Guaranteed 1x Core Pack, 1x Epic Pack and either a Commander Pack or a Legendary Pack (1/6 chance according to @jythri). If you are smart and run something like Capture Bot Battles, you can earn more loot than you would get playing for a full week in a handful of matches and that thing lasts 24 hours! If you see yourself playing for a big chunk of a day with 4 other people, it is definitely worth dropping the Platinum on.

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