BB Day Guide Title & BB Day Solo Queueing

So, which of us are going to use the “Battleborn Day” guide in the spirit in which it was intended and solo queue (hopefully with mic) to give advice and guidance to our less experienced brethren?

Alternately, how many of us are going to rock the title but then just stay within our comfort zones and keep queueing up in premades with our buddies?

I am currently undecided!

I’ve become a tad spoiled as of late…

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@viraforti, I recommend our group branching off into pairs so we can at least be helpful


Pairing up is an EXCELLENT idea!

Grab a buddy and do some edumacatin’!

@loving-hatred @viraforti

“Sit on down boy and let me learn ya a thing or 3!”

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Let’s try and set up pairs of educators in chat tomorrow?

Would you guys just be educating lowers or would people advise other 100s?

I will advise anyone that shows an interest but only on things I either have an academic understanding of(Benedict is one personal example of this) or that I personally feel skilled with(Kleese, Ambra, Ernest, WF, Attikus are people I will happily speak on for tactics comfortably from experience)

But I’m also typically a supportive player rather than the killing player.

I think there’s a lot of experienced people who would be more than happy to give advice, but aren’t comfortable with the idea of just telling people “here is what you are doing wrong”. I’d love to give my 2 cents to try and help new players, but I’d feel snooty just giving tips to somebody who didn’t ask for advice. Maybe I’m alone in that regard, maybe not.


What about just general tactics, Map tips, staying alive advice, etc?


teach me, senpai. What is a shadowfire pillar, and how do I kill someone with it?


I will show lesser skilled Deande players the correct way of life. they will know awesomeness, and make a great metamorphosis under my vigilance.

Sadly, I joined up on a group of new players the other day, and they asked my opinion on who the worst character was and when I asked who they thought they all said thorn. I was upset.

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General tactics are something else I’ll happily discuss as well, and it all depends on situations before I discuss it

I’m going to get drunk and maybe be helpful. But I make no promises.
(I was planning on solo queuing and spreading some good vibes. I’m not very good at giving advice.)

I’ll try to be on all day though! Catch me if you can!

Real shame my mic broke just before this event, I didn’t get time to order a new one 8(

I’ll be definitely up for it. I should be able to have my mic on for the day, and I’ll hopefully be on the discord Battleschool section as well. I don’t queue with friends often so I’ll likely be solo for most of it.

Do really hope to see some new players on, because the game sure could use it.

Why isn’t there a facepalm emote. :dizzy_face:

I typically only have one other person to play with anyway, so I’ll probably either be solo or paired with one other person. I truly hope people engage and it’s a good time. :slight_smile:


I shall be inebriated as well!

They must not have seen an El Dragon yet. I love playing as him, but GB has made him nigh unusable at this point. :pensive:
Had a guy dc on me after seeing me pick El Dragon in a match recently, too.

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As long as you know what your doing he isn’t a bad pick at all. He still holds the title for best initiation in the game. You have to run full tank gear on him now to cover up for his lack of a stun but he’s still very usable even in comp play.