BB escaping too easily

Holy hell people run away way too fast all the damn time. Movement speed items don’t really help at all either to catch up to people, since you slow down once you start attacking and they’ve zipped away for the 1000000000000000000000th time. And this isn’t just me complaining about the enemies I’m facing, because I’m surprised all the time by how fast I can just gtfo with like 3 people attacking me. Sprinting in combat should be penalized at least a little bit, add an activation time or a 1.5 second slow if someone tries to sprint while getting beat on or something.

I’ve never experienced this, who are you playing as?

This is how it ends if you only take damage items and helix options over movement items or slows, you have to choose if you want more cc or more damage,
also don’t use your skills that have cc at the start of the fight, save them or when they turn around and its easy to get runners even as a melee character.

I think that’s just the nature of things- similar to League of Legs. or Dota. Watch a game or two and you’ll see how common it is for someone to run away when the chips are down. From what I’ve seen, there’s mostly farming and leveling up at the beginning of most matches, lots of backing off, then folks tend to really fight each other after some meta level is achieved.

I’m hypocritical of this myself; I hate it when I work on taken’ down someone and they run off, but even as Montana I tend to back off if I’m out numbered and supportless once my shield drops. If there were no shields, I think the game would be played differently- I don’t have such foresight to know whether or not that’d be a good thing- but I digress.

The why is obvious- It’s much better to run away than to try to fight and die when you know you’ll probably lose an engagement. Running denies the other team a kill and thusly the points with it- and going back to respawn is faster than just respawning.

Some heros aren’t tanky, and play supportive roles, and should stay back as often as possible. Thier role should be to assist the team and not die. And just seeing a opponents across some pathway or hold an area makes some heros think twice of going in- protecting flanks just by being there- it’s important to have the whole team up and healthy at all times.

It’s up to the player to make that judgment call on if they should run or not- typically, an experienced player can see that they won’t win the fight, and run off- but that’s not so bad. With them backing off, the most they can do is plink damage from afar- and if they come back and tease you to chace, try not to get thirsty and chase past a point you know you can’t come back from. And if they dive back in with nothing but a shield, punish them. But if they stay back- then they have given you something important in these games- ground. The farther you’re pushed up, the closer you are to the objective and killing it.

I don’t think there will be some ‘fix’ to this ‘problem’ as it’s not truly a problem- in my eyes at least. I hate it more than anything- but damn if that rush of running and watching your health go down, only to come out fine aint exhilarating.


If people are getting away from you then it wasn’t a battle you were meant to get a kill. You did, although, effect the flow of battle by putting one of their characters out of battle, so it is a win.

Kills are only going to come from team battles and players that are bad who think they can win an uneven match-up.

So stop worrying about your KDR, this type of game isn’t based on KDR, it’s based on tactics. Tactics doesn’t mean killing player characters, it means causing the flow of battle to move in your advantage by means provided and creative thinking.

An advantage can come in lowering there health to a certain point and letting them get comfortable again then reengage them when their anxiety has lowered.

Most people begin to forget their health is low after a minute of not taking damage. You can also taunt and tease an enemy into an ambush by baiting a bad match-up and luring the player into your waiting team.

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Why would there be any kind of penalty for running? The game has MOBA elements, but the basic gameplay mechanics are mostly that of an arena shooter like Quake or Unreal. It is based high speed action, so why would you want to intentionally slow down everyone’s movement?

Me and my team love when someone runs away. Doing so just gives my team time to gather shards and regroup. Running away in meltdown just lets us fortify the goals. We learned not to chase people very quickly.

who are you and how did you become the most reasonable person i have ever encountered on a forum?

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Thank you for the flattering remark! I have over 100 steam games, and I only ever regularly play TF2. Never got into LoL or Dota, but I can respect both. But I’m genuinely excited about this game, truly. I was excited to come home from work to play the beta, and when it was over I legitimately felt I had nothing to play. I’d load up TF2, as it’s always there to catch me when I feel like playing ‘something’, but it felt like it was lacking. I never liked how there was so much ■■■■ on the screen at almost all times during a battle, but somehow I miss it already.

My extreme interest in Battleborn naturally had me writing down names, and perks, and seeing what’s a tank, a support, a carry, what roles do each hero excel at; how can I play them using said roles and who or what is best against them. In studying the metas of multiple mobas, I discovered that running away was done commonly and I can see why.

Mad stoked for this game tho.

i hated the closed test immediately. then on day two i became obsessed and literally could not stop playing. got to command rank 92. then i heard they nerfed phoebe before the beta began, and i immediately hated the game again. this time the hatred lasted for at least the first two days of the beta. then i found a new character i could relate to but had to literally work 4 out of the 5 days of the beta and only got to around 23 or so. the overall skill required to kill someone is what keeps me coming back. it is this that differentiates battbleborn from other shooters for me. i cant even play anything these last two weeks. i tried going back to destiny last couple days and it has just shown me how terrible that game’s multiplayer is