BB First year anniversary coming, crunch time


Speculation. . .

Gearbox needs the close of the first year for Battleborn to end well.

They have to be planning something big we haven’t seen mention of yet.

March…April…then 03 May!


Pretty sure they are referring to the change in strategy from standard priced game to the free demo/ftp/whatever version.

I expect something to be announced very soon about this.

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Um… I think we need to be realistic. They missed a lot of opportunities on having Holiday events/skins, Matchmaking and PvP modes still have issues, and character balance. They have already had 2 Battleborn days, and yet we still really do not know the current state of the game (population wise). Not to be a Debbie or a Nancy, but crunch time has already came and went… Just release Nova in a Battlesuit

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KELVIN: crunches minion It’s ALWAYS crunch time for Kelvin!


Funny thing is, For Honor got a worst review score than Battleborn on Steam.

I’m still holding hope for the Trial version. But i’m pretty sure the only thing left after that is full Free-to-play and then it’s definitely over.

I think we’ll find out in a week and a half at PAX. I know it doesn’t have the population on PC, but looking at XBox there is a large…ish community. There are a few Battleborn clubs on X1 and some of them have thousands of members. Take in account that not everyone joins the clubs, like me. So the X1 player base seems good to me. People seem to put too much stock into Steam numbers. That’s just one of multiple platforms and it has definitely got to be the lowest performing. I never wait more than a minute for a match and rarely play on the same team or against the same people in a day.

Fingers crossed for a season 2 announcement.


Well, us PC players do! :stuck_out_tongue:

In the solo/duo queue last night it took about 5 or so minutes to get 3 other players for our team. Then another 5 or 10 minutes for an opponent for our last match that night. I say last because we had one more in us but after 10 minutes of waiting again we all said screw it and left.

I do envy you console guys for your player base.

Every night it’s literally the same teams. In some cases, you match up with them 3 or 4 times in a row. Getting old quick. I friended up with quite a few players on Steam and over the last month or two only about 1/3 play anymore.

I always check the Steam DB, not entirely accurate I know, before trying any queue.
When nobody could connect it still showed 74 people were in the game.

Haha my bad. I didn’t mean to diminish you guys, because you guys are great! I hope that compy players will increase somehow. I just think that most of those review sites that are calling it a dud are just looking at those Steam statistics and not the grand scheme. Also sick of all the Overwatch comparisons. They’re two different games. and if I see one more thing about Gearbox copying Blizzards idea I’m gonna flip! BB was announced months before OW… sorry… SORRY! Cool down! I’m cool. Rant over. I’m good… AAAARRRRGGGHGGHG!!!


We all rant, it’s probably good to release some steam.
Used to be called critique before the Internet. :wink:


I just got Steam installed on my computer for the first time ever because I got a Steam key for a game with a console pre-order. I’ll probably pick up PC Battleborn next time it’s on sale.

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It’s still just $12 on Amazon, well worth that.

4,69€ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Join us!

@wisecarver @reliikki Oooh really tempting, but I kind of want Digital Deluxe Edition. One of my biggest regrets is that I missed out on a taunt and a skin for two of my favourite characters by buying a physical copy for Xbox. I’ve been begging for them to be put up for platinum in the Marketplace ever since. People who bought DDE will have got them with the DDE, I’ll have had to pay extra, everyone should be happy right?

Anyway, DDE is still $50 on Amazon and $25 on that CD Keys site. I don’t want to get screwed like I did with The Crew when I bought the “Wild Run” expansion only for them to give it away free with “Calling All Units” the next month.

But it’s tempting…

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That’s also the part that kills me. The game itself wasn’t a dud. The marketing “strategy” (or lack there of) was the dud. Release date, missed sale opportunities, key free to try weeks to draw players in to make the purchase, etc.
The OW comparisons were mind boggling also. Paladins and OW, sure. BB may share the cartoony, but unique, art style but gameplay… come on!

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