BB gameplay variation dreams

I had ideas about how I thought Battleborn would be prior to release and now I have ideas on what I would of liked to of seen. Don’t get me wrong, I love Battleborn as is, But who doesn’t like to fantasize of their own rendition. PvP, I can’t really think of major changes to it other than new modes.

PvE: We now have 30 Characters with 10 levels each. I do enjoy the PvE, but would of preferred a more open world feel to it. Have Nova be the “town” where you can choose different planets and where to land on the planet. Like at the end of a few missions, Nova would have the back of the ship open, but you could actually go in. Have a firing range. Have the store where you could purchase Loot packs with credits and skins and taunts with Platinum. Have a fast travel system of the planets mapped out, choose a planet, and then choose a landing zone. Have a Gear area where you can change your gear load outs. A barracks where you could switch which Battleborn your playing as.

Character levels remain, but only give the Helix bonuses instead of the usual leveling bonuses. You’d still have Commander Ranks. CR would give you Health, Attack, Shield, loot packs, and whatever else bonuses. So your CR would effect all of the Battleborn. At Level 10 you could prestige and earn the usual loot packs, mutations, skins, and taunts and then experiment choosing different options. Then you could get all of your Battleborn at level 10 configured how you like and play through an open world story, while swapping along the way to best fit the mission at hand.

Gear might have to change as a temporary boost. Purchase at the same cost of shards, but instead they last 10 minutes or whatever is appropriate.

Lore challenges are awesome, so keep those as is.

I guess my biggest struggle is that PvE co op is my favorite part, but I’m not the biggest fan of jumping into the missions from a Story menu. It feels empty to me. If I could just be controlling a character in the ship, and then go up to a map and choose missions, like you do from the main menu, from there then I’d feel a little more to it. You could have your party in the ship together, a place to hang out and goof off a little, then choose your mission.

There’s a lot of alternative ideas I’ve heard. I don’t expect any of this to be used and I’m not complaining about how it is now. It’s just fun to imagine. Does anybody else have fun things that they wish were a part of Battleborn? Gameplay changes, modes, etc? I know there are threads similar to this, but I haven’t seen any recent ones.

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I’m okay with everything but this. I am so not okay with this

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I would love to incorporate much of what you said, replacing the main menu from an actual menu to the character youre playing as navigating that menu space (dropship currently, nova, would be your hub, as youve said for the purposes of choosing missions/queues, gear maintanence etc.

The way the main menu is setup it kinda hints that thats what theyre going for, its just that the menu saves time for the player (by not actually physically having to go to different parts of the ship to navigate the ‘menu’) but does break some immersion.

My favourite part about having the physically navigable ship/menu is that it can incorporate other online players, so they can group up themselves, bypassing matchmaking entirely.

i feel like gearbox maybe thought about or wanted to go there but either couldnt due to tech/time or decided not to.

I’m ok with doing away with that as well. Haha. As I think more about it, it would make playing with varying levels difficult, unless all those stats scaled to the lowest player.

Yeah haha, that was my only real concern. Just trying to project a bit of Nova

What do you think about this? It’s along those same lines, but with Borderlands. This is more so what I was thinking about than BB.

In BL, have a Command Rank (they could call it something different) and then a separate Character Level. So your Command Rank determines those normal level bonuses, health, melee, etc. while your Character Level grants the skill points. Then when you start a new character with your friends you don’t need to Power Level for health, guns, and the what not. Instead you’ll be leveling that Character and unlocking the skills as you go, so you still have to make progress with each character.

Then!!! When you play with other players, it either scales everybody to the same CR so that life stats are the same or players can slide their CR to whatever rank they want as long as it’s with in what they’ve earned and they could still be working on their Character Level. That could allow for easy matchmaking and still allow for power leveling when people want to do that. It could even just scale everyone’s CR to the Host. Then it could scale the CR XP so that they could survive and still play with higher level characters.

Loot would have CR requirements. Maybe when you adjust the CR down it would scale down the weapon to what it would be at that CR and inscrease until you reached the weapons max level.

Maybe that’s crazy confusing… it’s definitely not perfect, but I just thought of it last night.

Hmm. So basically separate the skill tree from normal level ups? And I’m assuming remove BA ranks?

Well you’ve gotta keep BA Ranks! Those bonuses would apply no matter what your Command or Character Levels are. Yeah, just separate the two. That seems like a much simpler explanation haha.

I just read a lot of complaints and people wanting to play through as one Class and then want all the other classes to automatically be the same level as their first class they played. That just seems too easy to me and takes away a lot for me. Maybe have the story tied to your CR, so you could swap your Class at any time, but you still have to work on your individual Class Levels and earn their skills.

You’d still have differently balanced characters on your team because everyone’s level would vary, but it would still allow for a good way to mix things up.

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