BB Healer issues

So, first thing to say, I really like playing healers and supporters, not only because i think they’re played to less, because i think that a healer can be essential, yes I know you can win matches completely without a healer, but having someone who can heal you without you having to teleport back to base saves time and multiplies the pressure on the enemy team.

But, beeing an effective healer is not easy in BB, not because there are no effective healers among the heroes, nit at all, its because the game makes it pretty hard to pinpoint healing in high risk situations.

I’m healing with miko, incursion, in the first clash my, let’s say galilea, is at the frontlines fighting against enemys, no problem right here for now, bzt as soon as our minions entered the clash its nearly impssible to maintain your healbeam on your teammate, which is definitly more needed as an healed minion… if they cross the line between you and your desired healing target, they steal the beam from your teammate and you have to reposition to keep it going, this costs time, time is something essential for a healer, you have to decide wether or not to heal someone in seconds.
Same goes for alani, healing in stressing situations can be really frustrating since you have to maintain the wellspring “crosshair” on your target, or if you want to switch you have to wait till its on the right mate, if it switches to the right mate and not to one of the minions who’re surrounding it, same goes if alani’s got nuked and wants to heal herself and a minion or a fully healed mate jumps in the wring moment into your view, you have to turn around until noones there, which is mostly too late…

Next thing:
Unit frames, its not easy to oversee the status of your mates, it’s a romantic wish of all healers that your mates are cuddling all the time, reality is, you have to look around constantly to know who needs a heal, which means, someone is always out of your view… it’d be really nice to have them all in your screen, at least the option to turn them on or off for non-healing players.

Whats your opinion on this? Do you guys have a solution?

There are some previous threads on this, but from what I have read the opinion is split.

Many people don’t want things made any easier, so characters health bars on the HUD, someone people don’t want any more info on the HUD

The targeting has been raised as a problem since inception.

Personally I would like more information on the people I am supporting, but don’t have too many issues with targeting.

My solution is that i say to myself – every healer in BB has to deal with this problem and one can only heal & support as good as the tools you got with a character. So don’t stress yourself, if your healing is on the wrong target – sh*t happens. Maybe the devs should simply remove the possibility to target minions with single-target heals.

And about an UI element with team-status-info shield/health , we are in an action oriented game that needs different gameplay & tactics than typical MMORG gaming systems where a team-status-info-UI is essential. To target your teammates in those games is different than you do it in Battleborn, also your team often in Battleborn is spread all over the map and you as healer can only be in one place at once … so to know that a teammate who is far away on the other side of the map, is infight and nearly death maybe is more useless than helpfull in most cases. No matter if we have such a team-status-info-UI or not, we have to find that teammate, target it in an FPS environment and this is so different from RPG-targeting-systems that i doubt it will help alot.

Don’t get me wrong, if we would get such a group-UI i would take it, but i doubt it would fundamentaly change how i play heal/support-characters in BB.

Best regards & happy healing :slight_smile:

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You can just look straight up, can’t target anyone else unless a friendly Benedict happened to fly over you just at that moment.

It’s not about making things easier, its about to make healers more effective, i don’t see the point playing a hero like miko, who is (imo) more a healer than anything else, when his primary ability has a (overstated) 50-50 chance to hit the target you want… there are already enough countermeasures against healers, like the wound status, or the blind status which interrupts active healbeams, if you have difficultys to heal like it should be because minions steal your beam, or the targeting mechanics and add the wound status aswell as the blind status, all this added in one match turns a miko nearly useless… even if you heal the right target, he may be wounded or you get blinded and he’s dead, any more obstacles for healers turns em ridicolously secondary choices, maybe thats one reason why they’re played less than any other roles.

That would be more than enough to solute this (imo) major problem of healers.

That’s what buggung me the most, I want an overview of the health status of my teammates without lokking around, because that means I have to abort my active healbeam to turn around and see if one of my other teammates is getting attacked too, don’t get me wrong, i don’t expect to keeping all of them alive at once, but as most as possible, every death of a mate can probably be the comeback of our enemys, a moment where they push and everything is lost, that can happen all the time i know that, but some deaths are frustrating unecessary, why implement healers if healing itself is gambling? With all the dmg output of damage dealers and cc effects, the damage boosts many heroes have (reyna <3), the only way to counter burst and cc overwhelming enemys is a healer who can pinpoint his heal in the right moment, the game itself makes it pretty hard to apply this needed heal, and like i said above, there are enough statusses and heroes who can easily counter a good healer, i’t doesn’t make sense for me to throw addidional obstacles in their way, especially if they are unecessary like the wobbling targeting system…

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Yeah unfortunately nothing will get changed coz there’s still people that respond to these threads with the “hurr durr git gud” bull ■■■■. Playing a heal support in battleborn is a freakin nightmare. There is literally no reason for supports to target minions - and you can only target the little minions too, none of the thralls or giant minions. We should get the health bar on your hud for player that you’re actively healing so that you can actually see what’s going on. The way it is now, where you have to keep them in your visual and only get the healing numbers falloff is just terrible. Trying to track that in the middle of a fight with skills and attacks going off everywhere is ridiculous.


Totally agree to that!

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If you could heal giant minions or thralls I would see a use to minion healing but who the hell wants to heal something that will die in one aoe attack


Right? …Right? At least i’m not the only one who doesn’t get the sense of that :acmaffirmative:

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I don’t disagree, I was merely highlighting the type of responses that you get to this type of request

My preferred options would be something that doesn’t clutter your HUD unless it has to.

  1. Keep the health bars for those in visual range
  2. A visual HUD icon that is represented when they are off screen
  3. Locations specific, so if they are off to the right then they are on the right of the screen, to the left on the left of the screen

I would also like an attack indicator etc as well, while I am writing my list of wants

I think the healing system is mostly fine i never have trouble seeing who needs heals and who doesn’t and if you need heals and in the middle of no where you deserve to die if you are on overgrowth and you are trying to take double thralls by yourself and you are pheobe you deserve to die im the healer not your babysitter i do hate healing minions but as a healer the main thing i usually have a problem with is players who are just plain stupid i cant heal you if you run away frome me the most important thing is players should come to you for healing and you should meat them half way while staying around your tanks and brawlers

Yeah, with optimal circumstances like you pointed out i’d be no big deal :no_mouth: