BB is missing a 2Hander user

I feel a void that is not filled by Rath’s Smash. We need a dedicated 2H weapon user. I don’t care if it’s a Sword, Hammer or Axe, we just need a big dumb ol’ 2 Hander wompin around on the battlefield.

Here’s hoping one of the 5 new heroes is a 2H user.

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My vote would normally be for giant hammer but that resembles the coolest looking Overwatch character (imo) so I’d say giant spear.

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I would love a good spear user


Yes, Spear users are SO underrepresented in games nowadays…its weird.

I always hoped for an spear-wielding Eldrid Druid type…maybe using animal shaped energy constructs for attack skills. Oh and a GUY since we have like 1 male 3 girls and 2 “its” now :neutral_face:

Something with range like a spear user would be awesome but i want like a spike chain user that can whip out their attacks.

Well, it’s generally hard to make them look flashy without basic logic realizing it’s not going to be too useful swinging around the pointy-and-little-else spear wildly - even just a halberd would make a thousand times more sense there. And a bit of flair is generally considered important to most games’ visuals.

get zhao yun up in this byyyyyttttttchhhhhhh, BB style.

i would be looking forward for some serious thrusting action. i do agree spear users are underrepresented now a days. need someone with some serious two handed pelvic thrusting action.

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Well a spear is generally a long range melee weapon so thrusting, vaulting (secondary attack for high jumps ala Mellkas vault) , possibly mixing in kicks and a good ole “Dragoon” jumping stab…or save that last one for a cc skill.

It honestly takes moderate imagination to fill in One melee combo sequence, one secondary and a quick melee variation. Imagine the keepaway you could play with a quick melee w/a spear lol

Need a centaur in armor with a 2h chainsaw :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind someone with a nice large poleaxe, it’s like a spear, is two handed, and is not a sword! (though we’re not too drowned in swords as is.)

This just makes me wonder why Rath doesn’t have some helix to swap weapons. I mean it’s just sitting there on his back… I think he uses it for dreadwind but at that point it could very well be a giant plushy of Rendain at the speeds he swings it around.

Anything by Irish Mike.

some one say a character with a spear. Hilde from soul calibur :slight_smile:

Nah, the big ass sword is used for Catalytic Smash. Dunno if you do, but if using Quick Cast hold the button for Smash and he’ll have it raised over his head primed.

Technically Ambra is a spear/halberd user with a Helix strain, lol. I say we need a clubber. Just a big, giant club or a savage mace. We could use an orc trope. An Eldrid siding with the Rogues, keep the mixing pot all mixed up.

100% agree we need a 2h’r!

Love 2h warriors! I mean…closest we got is what… Attikus secondary or Rath?

To be fair, Boldur counts as like 5 men.

With all of those men’s beard having beards

I’d love it if they used this guy for inspiration.

He has the badass sword, crossbow for some stun type thing, berserk mode as his ultimate!

His attitude and quotes even fit the battleborn vibe.

What would be awesome with a spear is if they took inspiration from the last TMNT movie, and give it magnetic tips that can be shot out and automatically retrieve. Like picture the spear like this: <<<========] so it has three points, and each can be fired rapidly but then you have to wait for it to activate and come flying back to the spear. Give you a projectile secondary along with good range on melee.