BB isnt only one with "problems"

So, i think its weird that people are saying they are quitting BB because of matchmaking problems or for whatever other reason. Usually they are saying i will switch to overwatch, but im pretty sure they dont know that blizzard got problems too with their game.

I looked at OW’s forum and found many topics of whining “fix that and this” I wont copy all things i read, but anyone can go there and look for those on their own.

For example: bad matchmaking, 20 tick servers, W/L ratio around 50% (“hard” to win games because of “OP chars”, which is dumb reason to whine, but i have seen it on BB too)

The point of this thread is to make BB players see that jumping into OW won’t automatically fix your gameplay, and hopefully we wont lose much players because of this.


The important thing to say is :

Battleborn is not Overwatch.

I think it’s enough. People wan’t to leave BB ? Great ! But if they think they can find similar gameplay on OW, it’s a big mistake ! And I’m sure GBX developpers will do something concerning the matchmaking in a near future.


Too true. It’s like trying to compare CoD and Battlefield on the simple premise that they are successful AAA titles in the first person shooter genre.

Sadly, I always get asked if BB is better than OW. All I can say is that I like BB more. It’s a shame too, because they won’t try BB because I can’t give an absolute answer.

I think it’s even worse than CoD vs Battlefield. I think it’s more like CoD vs Borderlands.

But I get your point.

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Sometimes I wish I could find something similar to BB, but there simply isn’t, so there is nowhere to go.
I’m incredibly sensitive to the sexist and/or racist designs in Smite and LoL so that’s no place for me lmao (friggin Bastet looks like an ugly DeviantArt OC I mean wtf)

But on topic: people will always complain about anything, no matter what. It’s obvious that OW isn’t catering to everybody and has its own problems. It has a huge fan base so it’s natural that there are complainers.
But I agree with Rave… BB is still worse off since it has a really small fan base compared to OW. A few complainers won’t hurt OW as much as it hurts BB.

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For me the biggest problem were player base, 40 minutes waiting for a game, hum thx, but no thx, refunded.

That was my biggest concern since the beta, a non fp2 moba gets hurt a lot with population problems.

And going to overwatch pretty much fixed my problem, not only the player base is much much bigger, but it doesn’t use the moba system, no in game leveling makes it possible to drop in and drop out of the game any time, also allows hero swap.

Gearbox ignored the biggest problem, the game mode they used requires a huge player base


No in game leveling? No thanks. I rather like progression. Hero swap? No thanks. I’d rather be invested in my characters. Drop in and out? I’d rather have hard fought battles.

Again, I’m sure OW caters to the I want it now crowd that just wants a quick fix, but I’d rather be invested in the games I play.

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My point is not which one is better, my point is that ow uses a system that requires less players online, while bb uses a system that requires a huge player base, as result while matchmaking took like an hour in bb for, even during the night, it only takes a few seconds in ow, any time of the day

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I’ve never had to wait for more than a few minutes for a game, I’m on ps4 tho Midwest. I’ve heard of people having to wait for quite awhile which does suck, but that hasnt been my experience.

I used to play Diablo 3. On their forums, “This game is dead” posts have been appearing all the time. Uneven matchmaking and toxic community experiences are quite common, just like in many other multiplayer games. Here, we need people, or BOTS with human-like names, titles, and face CR ratings, to fill in match queues fast and ensure that players who log in will PLAY and not GIVE UP.

That’s more down to the piss poor marketing from GB than it is down to the consumer that BB is being compared to OW. Hard as it is to believe for some people, the onus is on the dev/publisher to make sure their game is easily distinguishable from the competition. Not for the consumer to second guess. Rightly or wrongly, the reality is, both games are being compared to one another and one has received a hefty price drop (down from £40 to £20 here in the UK) and the other one hasn’t. Those sort of price drops so early are never a good sign.

It’s like the whole X1/PS4 thing, once a product begins to rise to the top, it only gets worse from a marketing pov for those competitors lagging behind.


I’m always very confused about the notion of leaving Battleborn for Overwatch. To the point where I might wonder if there’s a bit of false flaggin’ going on, which seems to sadly be all the rage these days.

And if that’s not the case, then I’d begin to wonder if the person in question is so completely oblivious that they just don’t know any better.


Let’s just compare the very basics of heroes shooting heroes as a mechanic. I won’t even talk about the aesthetic.

Battleborn is a long-played tactical game with a high TTK that feels reminiscent of old arena shooters like Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament (2004 especially). Each of the heroes brings a different consideration to the battlefield which the player must understand how to synergise with others to achieve a victory.

Overwatch is a three minute game where one person can quickly wipe out the entire opposing team because the TTK is ridiculously low. It’s like someone took the game mechanics of Team Fortress 2 and then slapped the sensibilities of Call of Duty on top. Teamwork and synergistic tactics aren’t necessary because the match is over too quickly for them to count. It’s a lone wolf game, very much so.

To me, it’s like saying Unreal Tournament isn’t doing the gameplay I want, so I’m going to leave it for Call of Duty because I believe that offers me the Unreal Tournament that I want.

::blink:: ::blink::

I mean, sure, leave one for the other if you want. But at least understand that they’re completely different. Even their very fundamentals.


What frustrates me is that people are always comparing them. So many review articles state that the two games are comparable but they are 100% not because they’re completely different in almost every single aspect.

All games got 99 problems but killing ain’t one.

I think comparing them has just become a bit of a habit, since people see those comparisons everywhere.
Also I think it’s not bad to compare them. It’s better than leaving people to believe that they are one and the same gameplay wise, just that OW has a bigger fan base and is more polished. Because if we’d leave them to think that way even less people would want to touch BB.
So I actually see the comparison as a way to help people sort out what they like better or how they can make the best experience with both games.

Not to mention the terrible tickrate in OW which push it even further from any kind of old school skilled shooters like UT or Quake. OW is’nt really a skill-based game when you consider that even missing a shot can actually kill a player ( or considering a sniper doesn’t even really have to aim for the head to kill, in which case… nobody really have to ).

While battleborn seems a bit more consistent in this domain ( I’m curious to what the defaut tickrate is set at ), it sure still have nothing on Quake or UT though…

They are comparable :slight_smile:

A comparison will just come to the conclusion they actually have a lot of differences, but also a few similarities that actually are the most visible parts of both titles : heroes with abilities, FPS gameplay. What is now abusively called ‘hero shooter’ even if that “genre” is extremely vague and means absolutely anything and nothing.

Pure semantics, but still :slight_smile:

All games have problems we could kill a big one by not takeing things personally when someone points them out but rather accept them and try to fix them problems arnt the problem its the way people take it when others point it out.It always bugs me when i see people attack others since someone said so and so game had such and such problem people do understand that fighting about problems is harder than just fixing them right.I should probably note im not talking about any one in particular just an in general thing

Who is fighting and taking things personally?

im not talking about people here just saying as an in general thing probably should have noted that in my post

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