BB isnt only one with "problems"

All games have problems we could kill a big one by not takeing things personally when someone points them out but rather accept them and try to fix them problems arnt the problem its the way people take it when others point it out.It always bugs me when i see people attack others since someone said so and so game had such and such problem people do understand that fighting about problems is harder than just fixing them right.I should probably note im not talking about any one in particular just an in general thing

Who is fighting and taking things personally?

im not talking about people here just saying as an in general thing probably should have noted that in my post

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Yes you can compare apples to oranges but what I meant is that they are two separate genres. Battleborn is of its own self. It’s its own thing. People hop on Overwatch mainly cause it’s Blizzard, let’s be honest lol.

You can compare an RPG to an FPS but you’re not getting an honest comparison. If you like RPG’s you’ll choose that one, if you prefer FPS you pick it. Compare Final Fantasy 7 with Lost Odyssey (both amaaaaaaazing) not FF7 with COD.

Yes in a way all of these comparisons are bringing Battleborn to the light and people whom don’t enjoy Overwatch or true Moba’s may flock to BB but it’s possibly a negative effect because every article I seem to read is comparing the two and stating that Battlleborn has a million issues and they played for 1 hour and can’t get a feel for it… I mean come on you need to play any game for at least 10 hours before you bash it or compare it to a much more simpler game.

A simpler point is instead of people trying to choose one or the other… why not both?

Because they’re not the same style. They’re totally different.

People compare them in the sense of they’re the same thing, I want to buy the better game. They’re both good in their own sense but again, two different genres.

Most content in these articles are talking about the story, grinding, and the PvP style when that is the point Gearbox was going for. So they make it sound like they hate the game because they hate what it’s supposed to be and it’s not what they expected.

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just going to quote my self since it shouldnt be bb>ow or ow>bb but rather bb=ow

That really depends on how they spent that 1 hour. If the best part of that hour was sitting waiting for the matchmaking to do its thing, then you’ve got to realise people have better things to be getting on with during their free time than just sitting there staring at some inane matchmaking screen. You’re a better man than I if you can spend a larger part of the night waiting to get a match than actually, wait for it …, ready? Playing the actual game.

You can put the matchmaking problems in your review but you can’t expect people to take your comments seriously when you’ve only played 1% of the game. It’s insane go think that someone can review a whole game based off a single hour of gameplay.

Every game has issues, some more glaring than others.

However with a dwindling and already low player-base it makes addressing issues even more critical, and many players don’t think GB is addressing them well enough and their PR person is fluffing us. :frowning:

well… OW got balancing problems (ass all new game does), i think, specially that bastion and turrets that give kills without skills… and suppose there are lot of other things to solve, also there are in BB too…
The main issue, with the people that say is quitting, is not because BB is bad, or balancing problems… is because they can’t play a single match, and if they play, they have to wait 30 mins before start, and when you play, teams, are totally unbalanced, when OW puts you in a match in less than 10 seconds…

and also, as he explained, people goot the feeling that GBX is not doing anything to solve that…

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The way this games playerbase is dwindling it reminds me of Evolve. I loved that game but there wasn’t enough there to compete with all the other games out there. I love BB (I generally like all MOBAS) but I can see the “white light” with this game </3

Is there any data about how many people are playing daily and on which systems?

Imo…bb has such potential and way more depth than ow. Evolve is another great game that I hope gets a resurgence of players when their massive update hits.

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I agree with you whole heartedly. Like you said hopefully Evolves big update will invite new and returning players back with open arms! I think that’s also what BB needs. Shoving out one character isn’t going to cut it. This game needs MORE, and buy that I mean (MORE skins, MORE maps, MORE game types). Hopefully GBX doesn’t follow in TRS footsteps and wait til the playerbase has dropped to almost none before they fatten us up with content.

The true reason why BB isn’t doing as well as OW is because. We don’t have this. Whatever it is.

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Has gaming become so bad that we as gamers now accept games will be broken to some extent when they first release? Every single game released has had its issues, i accept that, but nowadays even if the fundamental part of the game is not working as intended or has major issues, we think it’s ok. When did it become the norm to wait weeks after the release just to play the game as it was intended to be played? The fact is, if a game is released in such a state, then the devs in question have to accept there will be times people won’t persevere with the game and their everlasting memory of the game is a half assed mess.

Take AC:Unity for example, the game now runs fine with little or no issue, yet many people still wade into discussions stating it was one of the worst games they’ve ever played. Their point is valid because they only ever played it when it was a mess and if the devs didn’t want to leave that as an everlasting memory, then they should have got it to a decent working level day one. Street Fighter V is another one. A game should be playable day 1 and if it takes a week or so to fix, then it should be held back for a week or two until it works more or less as it’s intended to.

Had i known I would be sitting watching a match making screen more often than not, I simply wouldn’t have purchased this game. Because I don’t intend to play it again (traded it in), this will be my lasting experience with BB.

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But if they held it back then people would just complain about that.

It sucks to hear that so many people are having issues with this game. I don’t have any life threatening issues or bugs that hurt my play times. other than a bug on Galilea’s helix I have no demanding complaints.

All games have their issues…
Play them, find out what they are…
And decide for yourself if you wish to continue, or refund the game/trade it in for something else…
And repeat the process.
(Market is becoming flooded with choice these days)

I’ll add two other points I noted on other threads.

  1. It’s kind of like comparing rice noodles to spaghetti pasta (BB & OW)…
    Similar concept, yes, but not the same thing…
    I’m not going into an Italian resturant and asking for rice noodles with my bolognese sauce…
    Just as I’m not going into an Asian resturant and asking for spaghetti pasta with my Mongolian lamb…
    No, just no.


  1. BB was meant for February release, then got bumped to May…
    If they wanted, they could have just said like many other game development teams in the past, ‘it’s cancelled’, and just kept quiet until Borderlands 3 was on the horizon…
    But no, they stuck to their guns, believed in their vision, and supported their product…
    And I’m glad to have played it for that reason alone.

You clearly have never played OW.There are only two heroes in the game that die to a body shot(from sniper) which are tracer(Super fast moving attacker) and zenyetta (a dmg dealer support).The tickrate will be improved this month with competitive mode.You lost me at quake and ut tho.BB is not even an arena shooter with its mechanics and killtime.BB is a not even a decent shooter.BB is a dumbed down fps moba.The low tickrate isn’t gonna hurt the game much since it takes far longer to kill someone in a moba.

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Widowmaker can kill a Bastion in two shots, ive seen a Genji kill an entire team by just reflecting their projectiles and he can kill most heroes simply by throwing his shurikens of him.
Ive one shotted people with Widowmaker just by critting, i dont see were he’s wrong on his statements.