BBB Balancing Battleborn: Ambra

Next one in line is Ambra.

Her primary is now balanced after the newest patch. The sunspot healing especially after level 3 mutation is far too good. The problem is that stationary BB dominate more than in team plays. A team stays on the one side, where Kleese, Ambra, KU or Ernest make up their camps and other BB like Shaurox,Gal, Ghalt pull them in.

I think the normal sunspot healing can be stay the same, but if you take Level 3 mutation it should reduced either the HP of the sunspot or the hp/sec.

I think the level 1 helix with the 16% damage amp should be switched further down and replaced maybe with the 50 % range one. Especially in the environment of bolas target the extra 16 % damage so early is too much.

Finally I think the ult animation should come faster, because the ult itself take quite long and the extra lenghty animation makes it harder to time.

Her primary attack is awful, it tickles the enemy.[quote=“MaxBrutal, post:1, topic:1561043”]
The sunspot healing especially after level 3 mutation is far too good.

It’s good for healing 1/2 people, but can’t heal much more than that, and the sunspot is quite easily destroyed. She also has to stay and heal the sunspot for it to work, whereas KU just puts his heal down and does his own thing.[quote=“MaxBrutal, post:1, topic:1561043”]
I think the level 1 helix with the 16% damage amp should be switched further down and replaced maybe with the 50 % range one

Maybe? Having a reveal on either solar wind or sunspots would be a better choice.[quote=“MaxBrutal, post:1, topic:1561043”]
Especially in the environment of bolas target the extra 16 % damage so early is too much.

The sunspot gets destroyed almost instantly so it’s not too bad. This is more of a Bolas problem than an Ambra problem.[quote=“MaxBrutal, post:1, topic:1561043”]
Finally I think the ult animation should come faster,

Agreed, for the long wait it really doesn’t do enough damage. It’s good for closing off a lane though.

Since KU has come in, Ambra has been pretty much deemed useless to me. KU heals better and does way more damage.

Ambra’s only real damage comes at level 7 with the ranged attack, her other level 7 helix does nowhere near enough damage.

She also has 0 burst heal, which she lost when her level 2 (I think) got nerfed.

Her spam spots are fine. Their health is so low that a violent sneeze will destroy them. So is Ambras. She is weak to high burst. Orendi, benny, deande, kleese, marquis, and anyone who can crit or stun basically. Her primary attack is only good for building heat or latching on to a runner that is just out of poking range.


I think Ambra is in a perfect place right now. I can’t see why anybody would want to have ambra over kid ultra though, but I think that is more of a KU problem than an ambra problem. Ambra can be a good healer. It’s just that the state that Alani and KU are in it makes her feel inferior.



Her level 7 helix is my fav.

I just think she moves to damn fast, and out of pure saltiness wish her health was nerfed, very surprised people are saying she is UP

She suffers from some really wack augments (level 2, then the spear option later on, flame burst at level 5… what?)

But she can be pretty clutch sometimes with Staff Slam.

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Isn’t the purpose of her ult to zone rather than do damage?


Her health pool is already very low, and she has one of the biggest crit spots in the game. It can be very tough to get her when her flame shield pops and she starts moving 200 mph but Alani KU and miko all have things in their kit to try and get them out of sticky situations, why shouldn’t ambra?


A GOOD Ambra will make use of her passive shield when low to avoid being killed, but a good opponent will burst her so the shield never shows up, or stuns/slows her before it does so she dies without escaping.

The problem that makes KU and Alani better than Ambra are they are a much larger threat. So it doesn’t matter how good Ambra does her job if she has no threat at range until level 7, and minimal threat up close, whereas KU and Alani both have the capability for ranged damage, and much more threat up close from skills than Ambra does.

Even though Alani has less HP than Ambra + shield + passive, because she can self-heal (and deal damage while using skills to heal herself against nearby targets) she can sustain in lane longer 1 on 1. But even more so, the higher damage capability pushes her opponent out of lane faster, and so Alani takes less damage because of this. Granted, Ambra can heal a group better than Alani, but only if her sunspots can be protected, which a good opposing team will not let happen.

KU doesn’t have quite the same self-healing capability, but he packs quite a bit more punch from his primary weapon, and so has the same advantage in 1 on 1. Considering the short cooldown on his ult, that’s also arguably a better escape tool than Ambra’s passive shield as well.

Also worth noting that Ambra only has a push at level 4, and a stun that is very hard to land at level 10 for CC options. Alani has a knockup and push at level 1, KU has a snare that becomes a much easier to land stun at level 9. Ambra is definitely outclassed in terms of CC.

Ambra was my favorite healer once I figured out how to play her, but there’s no doubt in my mind that, at least for now, she’s outclassed by the newer Alani and KU.


Ambra’s in a pretty good place in terms of being pretty even with miko, kleese, reyna - all the default support characters. She has a niche none of those others fill. But all the dlc supports blow her out of the water. KUs drones are timed instead of drained, and are harder to hit than sunspots (theyre smaller and moving, unless they glitch into the floor), so theyre very reliable in aoe mode AND their healing stacks.

Why Ambras sunspots cant stack is beyond me, but would go a long way in bringing her to KUs level.

Other than buffing her a tiny % across the board to compete better with the dlc chars she’s ok.Talking about the regular supports reminds me how outrageous the dlc chars are in performance. They aren’t niche like the basic characters are, they just completely outdo them in every way. Hrmm…

Every character has helix troubles, giving her some powerful helixes could make her compete with KU and Alani i guess.

edit: tl;dr:
ambras fine until other characters are tweaked. Basically, she’s low priority.


Trust me, I did not mean it with the health nerf

But once again, I don’t understand why she gets the fasted sprint in the game, it makes no sense, and her survivability and damage is fine, so I’m surprised by this thread, she has SPAM SPOTS, and with that soothing sunlight helix the healing is crazy AND she gets an easy AOE 16% damage amp at level ONE, she is fine to me

Also her shield has a BIG hitbox, never got mad at it

I totally agree that it’s the DLC supports that need focus, also I don’t know how I feel about kid ultras plant healing drones they are superior in every way except a movable buff for a character of your choice correct like the default ones?

I know that but why it has to be a 3 second animation, while other BB can go off instantly and therefore having more to use skills or bait others in the ult.

Ambra’s ult is the largest AoE in the game with a pretty hefty balance of burst and DoT damage. It makes sense for it to have the delay it does.


I’m confused, are you saying it takes too long to aim where you want it and set it? Or that there is too much time in between setting it and it actually going off?

I mean the last option you said. The hand wave animation takes a good 2 seconds that are too long imo. I have nothing against the delay of the meteor itself.

Ambra is the only meele healer of the game. Her basic r2 is low dmg and got range nerfed while her l2 needs heat to deal a decent dmg both are meele range skills.

Sunspots can give 16%dmg amp but unless you get the helix with extra hp on sunspots and get power attack and heal power there is no way you can keep that thing alive with 4 enemies around.

Ambra without her mutation lvl 3 she is the worst healer in the game, lvl 2 middle and right are worst than alani lvl 2 helix those can make usless her lvl 3 mutation.

Ambra is the easiest healer to punish, easier than kleese. Yes she has her passive and a lot of speed but if any of you have atleast 500hrs in this game you already know that you need to save your skills to finish not to initiate.

Survavility: good
Heal: good or bad
Power: low
Versatility: high

If you dont take the slow and kleese mortars he is more easily killed than ambra if he gets caught. As ambra you can hold your ground with your staff knockback and self healing, where kleese only got his shields and has to tp back for health.

The problem is that the style of playing heavily affects her usefulness. If playing aggressive you are normally not as good as an alani or KU. But playing her as a pure backline support Alani doesnt come close and KU has to limited possibilites to fulfill this role imo.

If i understand you correctly this is my answear.

Only way to get kleese out of position is with a pull.

Ambra needs to stab something to heal faster (if the enemy is saving skills to destroy your sunspots she will have a hard time).

Lvl3 left allow alani to become a back liner and ku is the best ku if he is around heavy hitters like toby or isic or montana/gali if they can provide enough safety.

Ps: ambra needs to risk to get heat all the time, she is a meele healer after all.