BBB Balancing Battleborn: Ambra

No two enemy BB running into Kleese is all to get him out of position. Do you stay in your rift if a Galilea and Shaurox both enter it?

Ambra can staff them far away. All Kleese could do is slow them if you took the helix.

Kleese’s biggest threat is ranged damage not melee.


First: where is your team? Why would i put my rift where both can get me? Am i blind? Why i couldnt see them? If my team got killed i know i would need to retreat before anyone can get me and send a fat bot to make some time.

If i am galilea or shaine ambra has no way to be saved by the slam… Both have a pull, shaine has a speed boost with a slow and gali has a stun.

Pls choose a dif scenario this is bad for both supports.

No no! Kleese biggest threat are aoe that can destroy his rift network.

If i got my network i can sit and tank thorn, toby or marquis attacks with the right gear: heal power, shield power and skill dmg.

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I think you both refer to the comp team scenario where everyone is extremly competive. I am talking more about a casual scenario. The ones everyone witnesses and experiences everyday.

And i am not talking about incursion in general. If a Gal/Shayne comes at me I wait for the stun or keep my distance and then staff them. I mean the same argument you gave is true for ambra hiding behind the sunspots by your logic would be indestroyable like kleese is, if both have 4 team members, that protects them.

I guess I am the one whos play a unique aggressive kleese with slow balls to finish off.

Well the people that can destroy his rift network safely are ranged damage characters.

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Oh come on! You know you cant set your rift where they can reach them.

You need to set them up somewhere to force ranged or meele heroes to risk and get punished by your team.

Even in meltdown this can be done.

Laser gal and well timed crossblade from rath can too.

And if you have not so smart team members you come out shoot your mortars and hide back. Guess thats not a problem for me harassing and decimating the lane then, cause I don’t mind the few bouncing balls.

And slow mortars are stupid strong in a slow composition but the extra dmg on shields can deal 3k dmg idk you but i have bursted down an enemy kleese from the other side of the map with that.

Im off this topic buddy, i think of myself as casual as i dont care about wining or losing. But i have learned enough about every battleborn to know what to do (dont do).

Have fun in solus and never stop fighting for the last star in the universe.

I would consider myself also as not unexperienced and played Kleese a lot before he got HP buffed. I guess we are playing two different Variations of him. But after seeing often that the Shield damage Kleese doesnt often work well with uncoordinated teammates I adapted his playstyle afterall.

Well you dont have to leave cause we went off-topic. Main topic still is ambra. So most of the people think she is balanced now?


As a reminder I won’t be making more threads for every BB. I was too motivated and full of ideas, but now I see, that there is no sense behind this. But thanks for the opinions and contributions, you guys.

Question: how do you know if something is balanced in casual scenario?

Question back: How do you know if something is balanced at all. Hypothetically you have to check every possible scenario to see if something is balanced in regard to everyother BB. As a competitive match is mostly based on subjective strategy all data is mostly a sort of anecdotal evidence as you can not substract the individual skill component every player has.

You can’t check either if something is balanced in a competitive scenario, because the players strive to have unfairest and therefore most successful team comp possible. So if a BB goes below the grade of usefulness in competitive he is easily replaced by another one or another comp itself.

I just think her sunspots shouldn’t be able to heal minions, trying to heal a teammate and then a group of minions walk by the sunspots suddenly gets all used up. It’s annoying.

If you want a balancing disussion, you should be able to continue on @Garrus_Sniper’s thread here;

Or potentially mine if you want a starting point or something to argue against;

Don’t think either of them would be considered necro threads as they’re both still relevant, but I’m not too sure.


Shayne diving a rift network? You funny :joy:

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I read that as Shayne driving a rift network…

I need sleep…

Shayne driving a rift network? You funny :joy:

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