BBB booster packs bugged?

I was doing Slaughter Shaft, Mayhem 3, and my I could hear my BBB shield blip for dropping booster packs, but it wasn’t dropping any. Not sure what caused this, but I went into FFYL between round 4/5, my teammate revived me, and it started dropping boosters again. It worked for a minute in round 5, and then stopped working again.

Anyone have a similar experience with BBB shield? It worked well for me the other night when I was testing solo, but I’m not sure what caused it to not work mid SS, work again for a moment, then stop again.


Maybe your teammates were standing close enough that they autopicked them up.

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I asked them to watch me as I stood in a fire puddle, I heard the blips, and got no shield return and they saw no drops.

I did a SOLO slaughter and had no issues with the booster packs. Maybe there’s an issue when playing 2-4 players?