BCs kept targeting arbritrarily on their own in combat

I am not sure why, but a couple of mind BCs involved in center combat kept changing their targets arbitrarily. It probably cost us the battle in center of crimson and then cost us the game because I was unable to focus my BC fire on individual units. It was frustrating to come back to the units and see them not focusing their fire on targets I set them to attack. Perhaps it was my enemy kiting? They wouldn’t lose their target lock though. They were both still in range of my ions to begin with.

I would have to refocus my fire on the intended target. My beams would slice across empty space as they changed their direction of fire. It looks cool, but it’s null points.

Maybe it was somehow my fault? I don’t think so, but I will look for it again and keep this post updated. However, more likely it may be related to the already mentioned arbitrary targeting units have been doing from across maps.

If units are doing this while already engaged, then that adversely affects the quality of the gameplay. Just wanted to put it out there. If anyone else has had this happen to them, or just keep a look out when you micro your fleet.

I’ve noticed this too. Its been here since launch day, and hasn’t been fixed. For some reason subsystem weapons and turrets will do this, and fire as they think is necessary at random moments. Drones I think suffer from this as well, could be wrong here. This and the automatic ship retaliation need to be looked into.

I see three issues here.

Firstly, as omni mentioned, turreted subsystems do not target exactly what the player desires. The next is an issue with fighters in corvettes, in that during combat they will randomly switch to another squad. cycling through the tactical view will show their red lines switch up at the worst of times. The last issue is the auto target range. Frigates and fighters will often just run out half way across the map to chase any kind of enemy, and fighters will often just decide that a scout has to go, even though they are in a fighter fight.

Omni, you think the best solution would be to bind the subsystem target to the ship target? It seems frigates don’t have this issue nearly as much.

Fighters and corvettes need whatever awful coding that has them target others ships removed. Its easier if they just follow a squad until it is gone or they get different orders. Range of ship pursuit, especially ships that were just built really needs to be dropped except for any current battle that is relatively close.

Wasn’t that a problem in HW2 Classic as well? Or am I remembering it wrong? As said though, been there since launch, can only advise spamming the “Stop” button when they start attacking things they shouldn’t.

I couldn’t say, dude. I just play and hope.

It was. But only if you used the strikegroups. Being in a strikegroup activated the idiot behaviour in HW2 classic