Be creative - make Borderlands crazier - ideas

I want Borderlands to be more wild and crazy :crazy_face:

Do you have any cool concepts or ideas?

  • Cool ideas for weapons, grenades, shields, class mods, artifacts…
  • New item type
  • New Anointments
  • New rarities (maybe “glitch” or “pealescent”?)
  • Something completely new that doesn’t already exist
  • Something that changes the playloop

Please no boring suggestions!
Try to be creative and think outside the box :thinking:

Make the Festrunk brothers playable? (Dated reference is dated)

Add some rare spawns as random encounters like badasses with unique loot pool. Just normal enemies with larger life pool.


All vault hunters can doublejump. All vault hunters can dash, groundpound, and have an additional bespoke mobility tool. These three things are flavoured to the playstyle of each vault hunter and also have a large role in skill trees.

Nimble VH:

  • Dash: has three charges, passes through enemies and grants i-frames
  • Groundpound: drops down hyperfast and deals extra damage if landing directly on enemy
  • Mobility skill: grappling hook from Titanfall 2

Bulky VH:

  • Dash: Runs forward for a longer distance and bowls enemies over
  • Groundpound: massive AoE
  • Mobility: Slow flight/hover

etc etc

If you want to stay within the realm of BL3 (not BL4):
Repeatable, randomized dungeons. Various biomes and hazards, various enemies can come at you, various minibosses and bosses can be encountered, no two runs are exactly the same.


Undo all the nerfs.


GBX weekly patches nerfs and buffs random weapons, anointments, skills. Adds and removes “bugs” and “glitches” while claiming “working as intended”.


Oooh, like a real world “mayhem mode” where an “unstable game” is “chaotic”?


Bro, GBX is true mayhem mode.

Hotfixes that are permanently installed with the patch that follows it.

You know, so that offline gameplay actually resembles it’s online counterpart, if that should even go without saying.

The craziest thing we can actually ask Gearbox at the moment is to fix these kind of problems and many more.

As if the game weren’t already a freaky mutant…

there are a lot of posts already
full dedicated gear posts
several character creations
u gotta look out for them in the fan creation channel

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Do you remember when Moze was able to spam the special ability of the OPQ system and spawn like 15 flying guns? That was super fun… FUN DETECTED: OBLITERATE


Yeah I remember that. I really thought that was a perk until they pointed it’s bug because it’s slowing down consoles. I miss the old OPQ and Kaoson.


Same here. I had just picked up Some of the Road and spammed so many of those things that the fight turned into a slideshow. Good times.

Hey, so with the new consoles…maybe they can undue some of those nerfs. At the very least, sort of how they handled the Sandhawk, just increase the damage if they need to reduce spawns.

The Traunt Family Reunion:
But for a fun event/FREE DLC, I want to take on the whole Traunt family. General Daniel “Vengeance” Traunt hints at a whole slew of family members who will get revenge on us, but we never meet more than 2 (3 if we consider Haunt as part of the family). It would be interesting if they had a chance to spawn in on you, as a random encounter. I think there could be an entire DLC built around it, similar to the Cartels event, but even larger; General Traunt names seven other siblings and says there’s even more.


I want a demolition derby map! Maybe out with Agonizer 9000 in that big area he drives around in for the story mission.

Throw in a few new vehicles or even just include all vehicles from past games. Give them some more smashy mods and armor options. Bump up vehicle damage a bit so unarmored vehicles would get beat up pretty fast but fully armored tanks could stand a beating. Toss in some better weapons (seriously, wtf is it with crap like steerable explody wheels??), and go full on mad max!

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