Be honorable with your items

So in my time of playing I’ve gotten an entire two legendaries mostly because I don’t purchase the epic gear packs and I try and go for skins and taunts. Now other people who are more gear focused then I am have more and I am normally fine with that, however this has led to something that is occasionally a problem in some of my matches. That is a character being able to equip multiple legendaries in their item build. I understand that this is very expensive but the times where this has become a problem is when the enemy team is extremely pushed up (I pretty much only play incursion) and they have control of most of the map. The biggest offender of this being a bit too strong is Rath who generally has an attack speed legendary and an attack damage legendary. This doesn’t seem like something that would be changed to limit it to one legendary per item build since this wasn’t implemented in Borderlands. Borderlands this made sense not to be implemented since there wasn’t really a big pvp presence. So rather then sit here and plead to Gearbox to implement this I strongly urge you all to put one legendary in your item build if you want to put one in there. In general it gives you a bit more success if your team isn’t doing all that great. Honor is nice and it makes pvp a tad bit more enjoyable.

(I’m not all that competitive of a player, I play a game simply to have fun and I don’t really play to win. I know this makes some players a bit mad but try not to simply rage at me cause I won’t pay attention to it.)

I have a legendary setup for OM that increases his damage with helix choices by 30% his RoF by 10% reduces his recoil by 17% and slows an enemy every 10 seconds.

I only use OM and this setup if I’ve lost a few matches in a row and feel irritated.

Yeah I usually only run one legendary. I think if ranked play were ever to come out they’d have to ban legendaries. Some combos are just too strong and if people are taking it serious they will do it non stop.

I get that there is high cost but even if I’m not going for shards I can activate a legendary mid to late game.

your post is probs gonns be ignored more often than hated, this isnt borderlands so i think they should,have a one legendary limit. maybea point ayatem, pieces of gear are worth points based on rarity and legendary pieces be to expensive to have,more than 1? might be to restrictive but then everyone is on an equal playing field as long as all points are spent.

Having 3 legendaries loadout is a huge handicap. You are robbing yourself of early experience and your team of buildable/superminion push advantage.

I have freaking ton of legendaries (around 30, probably, none of them from the epic gear pack btw), and I never use more than 1 in any loadout. And I only use literally essential ones, the ones that provide actual edge.

My gear is goal specific, if I’m playing as Caldy/Melka I’m really just trying to harass the enemy team while other members go for the kill so I pick attack speed/damage/health. With OM/Isic I’m trying to crush people/wave clear so I pop 2-3 legendary items and pour as much dps as possible. Melee I go health/speed

Map/game mode factor too and I have lower cost versions of the same general items.

There are extremely few legendaries that can justify their price inflation. Going in with 3 legendaries loadout makes you pay about 2-8 times more credits for your loadout while in the end generating questionable outcome, given how long it will take for you to activate it, how many buildables your team won’t get because of you hoarding the credits for your legendaries, now far behind you will get in experience because you don’t build stuff, and how those legendaries will be actually advantageous over regular stuff.

There are 3 legendaries I have that are effective enough to warrant that 1 legendary slot I was talking about earlies. Vyn’s Quiver for shooters (gives reload speed, attack damage and slows enemies on attack every 10 seconds, crowd control is very important both against players and massive walking objectives like thralls), Chrono Key for casters like Orendi (dropping 1 sec off all your cooldowns per 500 damage dealt is like a world of difference for the likes of hers, well-places shadowfire pillar can instantly recharge itself), and Quartermaster’s Bin for supporting characters (effectiveness of having 30% of credits you gain spread among your team across the globe shouldn’t be explained at all).