Be The Best Clone You Can Be | An Oscar Mike Build Guide

(YourKingSkeletor) #1

The following is my personal preference for playing as Alani. My choices do not in any waymean that this is the only way to play her. This guide is simply a base for new players to wrecking house with Oscar Mike.


  1. Cooldown
  2. Attack Damage
  3. Health Regeneration


  1. Impact Trigger
    Gives the enemy less time to react to your grenade
  2. Fragcendiary Grenade
    Great for crowd control
  3. Scope
    Both are good here but adding some long range to your arsenal can go a long ways
  4. Back In A Jiff
    Again, both are good but any competent player can track you easy so having your shields come back faster can go much farther then extra movement speed
  5. Double Tap
    People have done calculations and found that the only way to outdamage this is to score only headshots with each bullet using Debilitating Rounds
  6. Stealthy Shields
    Your grenade has good range and launch speed so no need for improvements there
  7. High-Velocity Ammo
    18% extra damage is HUGE
  8. Embiggened Boom
    Since we use Fragcendiary Grenade earlier increasing the radius is the best option here.
  9. Stealth-Savings
    You rarely staying stealth the full duration so why not get something back for that
  10. Holy Crap, Concussive Strike
    Keeping your enemies in your airstrike longer can go a long way

If you would like to see this build in action click here for the video

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(Danielkowatch44) #2

I agree, except for #4 the movement speed is far more viable and will get you out of a bad situation fast. I use to use the shield recharge but as u said most competent players can track your cloak. Once ur hit, your shield goes back to CD before recharging again. Moveing 30%, most people can’t track or even think about hitting u going that fast.
I also use different gear
Reload speed/reload speed
Recoil/reload speed
Damage reduction/reload speed
But this is more objective to play style.

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