Beam lasers + Trick Shot / Unforgiven?

Simple question, haven’t found a definite answer in the internets. Some say yes, some say no. So, what’s correct?

Sorry, I don’t get it. I haven’t seen a beam laser (Maliwan barrel) in the video.

lol I read the title wrong

Beams and Railguns don’t work with Trick shot
Blasters and splitters do

I don’t know about Unforgiven, but it’s probably the same

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You sure about that?

Mining Laser and Excalibastard both work.

Had a pure Hyperion bladed cryo railgun with shield bypass luneshine out of the grinder…even if I was looking for a splitter I couldn’t dashboard that!

Pretty disappointing on Nisha IMO
Trick shot doesn’t work on railguns, i’m positive

I’m pretty certain it works on Mining Laser and Excalibastard.

But they both have unique barrels.

It may be a bug that the basic Railgun barrel does not trigger Trick Shot.

Booting game to verify on 360.

Sitting in concordia with my 72% chance to Trick Shot.

Lo and behold, my Dahl and Tediore Railguns both ricochet, as well as Excalibastard and Mining Laser.

I don’t have a Maliwan or Hyperion Railgun, but I feel like that’s a sufficient test since they technically have the same bullet mechanics as Tediore (Dahl being the odd one out due to piercing).

I can produce footage of this if you deem it necessary, Chuck.

No, I believe you.

I don’t know, maybe it’s a collision thing with the specific map I was trying it in… :confused:
I was in the robot factory, and that map has a habit of spawning enemies below the floor for me, so it may be related.

Will test it out for myself again when I get back from work.
Sorry if I confused anyone. I should test things out more thoroughly before making claims…

Thanks guys.

This is actually really helpful info. Since I’ve been using Moxxi’s Vibra-Pulse for my UVHM run, I assumed that all beam weapons bounced with Unforgiven. Obviously, that’s the gun’s doing, and not the skill. :smile:

Seriously!?!? I need to put a point into that. I use a shock one in TVHM all the time. pretty much. I pretty much always fire from the hip and I am missing all the time with those rail guns.

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