Beam lasers + Trick Shot / Unforgiven?

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Simple question, haven’t found a definite answer in the internets. Some say yes, some say no. So, what’s correct?

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Sorry, I don’t get it. I haven’t seen a beam laser (Maliwan barrel) in the video.

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lol I read the title wrong

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Beams and Railguns don’t work with Trick shot
Blasters and splitters do

I don’t know about Unforgiven, but it’s probably the same

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You sure about that?

Mining Laser and Excalibastard both work.

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Had a pure Hyperion bladed cryo railgun with shield bypass luneshine out of the grinder…even if I was looking for a splitter I couldn’t dashboard that!

Pretty disappointing on Nisha IMO
Trick shot doesn’t work on railguns, i’m positive

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I’m pretty certain it works on Mining Laser and Excalibastard.

But they both have unique barrels.

It may be a bug that the basic Railgun barrel does not trigger Trick Shot.

Booting game to verify on 360.

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Sitting in concordia with my 72% chance to Trick Shot.

Lo and behold, my Dahl and Tediore Railguns both ricochet, as well as Excalibastard and Mining Laser.

I don’t have a Maliwan or Hyperion Railgun, but I feel like that’s a sufficient test since they technically have the same bullet mechanics as Tediore (Dahl being the odd one out due to piercing).

I can produce footage of this if you deem it necessary, Chuck.

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No, I believe you.

I don’t know, maybe it’s a collision thing with the specific map I was trying it in… :confused:
I was in the robot factory, and that map has a habit of spawning enemies below the floor for me, so it may be related.

Will test it out for myself again when I get back from work.
Sorry if I confused anyone. I should test things out more thoroughly before making claims…

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Thanks guys.


This is actually really helpful info. Since I’ve been using Moxxi’s Vibra-Pulse for my UVHM run, I assumed that all beam weapons bounced with Unforgiven. Obviously, that’s the gun’s doing, and not the skill. :smile:

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Seriously!?!? I need to put a point into that. I use a shock one in TVHM all the time. pretty much. I pretty much always fire from the hip and I am missing all the time with those rail guns.