Beam me up trophy issue

I have been to EVERY points of interest of veins of Helios, lunar launching station, jack’s office, research & developpent and Hyperion hub and heroism but the trophy beam me up doesn’t pop.
I have checked all the locations, compared with all the guides, write down all names, went back several times…but no trophy.
Please help me i have finished all main story missions and side missions and i don’t want to start all over!
Is the trophy glitched? Because i know it is not just discover the map but visit all the locations. That’s what i did and with the help of so many guides online. :sob: i’m so desperate now.

I have visited all these places from this guide. Is there a place missing?

I did another playthrough on True Vault Hunter and the trophy poped by itself. I’m relieved but i don’t know what happened :thinking: :hugs: