beamAnim parameter?

What’s the formatting for the beamAnim parameter that’s applicable to the fx_harvest shader? I presume it’s something similar to this from the Asteroid example:


Trying to restore the salvage beam effects as part of BrickSpace Meta Edition. :slight_smile:

Did you ever get an answer to this @sastrei?

No :frowning:

I asked @Dark_Sentinel to have a look as he’d made some very complicated shaders work for us already. He found that BeamAnim is likely a hard coded value, not a PARAM to pass in

Experimentations continue…

I recreated the HOD as best I could using what I could decipher from the original HOD in notepad++, but we’ve got no examples and @BitVenom seems long gone :frowning:

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It’s so great we can’t take existing 2.x HODs apart! Yay!

It should be this value from the shader:

local vec4 inBeamAnim 0.065 0.55 5.0 0.25
// Noise Scale, Ring Rate/ColorMul/Scale
so [0.065, 0.55, 5.0, 0.25]

But I haven’t tested it yet.

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