Bear Fist Wild Swing

Been messing around with Bear Fist and I noticed Wild Swing bonus element counts as splash damage, thus also getting FITSD. Not sure if this was known before but I don’t remember seeing anything about it.

Here’s a couple boss kills showing it.

Not the most meta way to use Bear but it’s pretty fun to mess around with.

Yeah I tested it a while back after Bear received Mayhem scaling. It can deal splash damage but if you then have TCP, you’re a lot more prone to setting off barrels. If I was going to use Wild Swing at all, it’s one of those things I’d prefer to have on one hardpoint and use Shockhammer on the other.

Wild swing doing splash damage and benefitting from some Moze skills is known. To add to what Dragon said, even if you set of barrels now you have biofuel that will keep you alive (most of the time) so it’s all good.
The only things that hold down melee bear are range and fuel consumption. We have close the distance for the first one, but it’s a crappy skill because it’s not supposed to do damage, and it’s not supposed to consume SO MUCH FUEL. It honestly should be changed to non-damaging skill and low fuel consumption so you can use either Wild Swing or Shockhammer, depending on your preference.
Also, the entirety of the melee skills should 1) start to count as melee. They are punches for ■■■■’s sake, and 2) STOP CONSUMING SO MUCH FUEL.

Nootmad did a meme build with melee bear, completed even TMTD with it but it was a two-hour suffering effort. I enjoy seeing him suffering, but melee bear makes us suffer all.

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Thats what I really love about Eternal Flame and the purple tree. First the fuel is not near as bad with all the boosts you can get to it, the build I used for the melee fists it last a full round of SS at least, it was a slight variation on the cryo build I made to take more blue skills. Secondly with flame if I ever need to switch weapons or do run out of fuel I can get the bear back immediately. So for flying mobs or something just exit and get another bear and temp switch to ranged weapons.

I got so tired of using Capacitive+Sabot I’m just happy to be able to use all the hardpoints and do well. Active Tracking btw, super OP - one volley wrecks most bosses pretty entertaining.


I hear you, and I agree with what you said in your post; but it’s a band-aid fix. I should not equip a mod to fix the shortcoming of a badly designed weapon system.
I have a problem especially for close the distance because it does absolutely nothing against heavy enemies (meaning: it does not do what it’s supposed to do: dragging them to you) and with trash mobs, it usually shots them instead of dragging them due to stupid mayhem scaling.

And still, I might just not want to use the flame and use a raging bear instead. I love the raging bear, is my favorite IB com. I do that, and I am cursed by poor fuel efficiency due to bad design.

I want to use melee bear, but I want to use it in a way that it does not feel like I am being punished for doing it.