Bear trooper legendary class mod

Does anyone know what the red text on the legendary class mod bear trooper does? It says “rocket til the wheels fall off” but i can not figure out what the red text special effect of the class mod does.

It says right in the description -50% fuel 50% duration

Yea i get people say that but u ever notice when u put on the bear trooper u take every nade even if ur full u still suck them all up…where is that listed?

you DO realize that red text isnt always explained on an item. and some items have something unique explained, but also have something non-explained on them.

Hi, Does anybody know if Bear Trooper can be found on a specific Boss ?

All class mods are world drops, unfortunately, so there isn’t a specific boss to farm.

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Ok, thank you

What do you mean? Do your grenades disappear?