Bear Trooper vs Raging Bear

Just made a trade for a Raging Bear, I thought the extra points in Deadlines would increase my uptime but it’s actually less than the Bear Trooper I’ve been using. Can someone tell me if something is bugged or is my math horribly wrong?

From what I know in theory, Bear Trooper is better for bossing (even though I don’t see people using it) because of the improved fuel use.
But if you’re using the Raging Bear and you can kill enemies, you get a lot more duration in the long run, plus the damage.

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Can you post screenshots of the two class mods?

As @Yulo97 said, Raging Bear is designed more for mobbing than bossing.

Furthermore, while yes Bear Trooper will give you a longer duration during a boss fight, your dps will be significantly lower than just using a Blast Master. So it takes more than twice as long to kill enemies with Bear Trooper, making the mod a literal waste of time haha. It can be ok in lower Mayhem modes though.

Raging Bear has both the class mod bonus and a possible Deadlines increase, so you can achieve a long IB duration with respectable dps. Great mobbing synergy for the mech. But, it’s not great for bossing.


Thanks for the info, I had just used it while farming Giga and was ignoring the adds as usual.

Depends on the boss. First of all, Iron Bear just isn’t amazing for bossing in the first place. But if we’re going to use it for that, Raging Bear isn’t a bad choice imo. This morning I used my All-In-Bear to kill Warden/Traunt/Loco Chantelle/Freddy/Jackbot/Tyrene/Gigamind. So against Warden/Traunt/Gigamind/Loco/Freddy they were all great fast kills easily within 1 bear. Tyrene took two Bears because I just barely couldn’t kill quick enough to skip her phases I suspect I could hit crits better and maybe get that one down. Jackbot I lasted till almost through his 3rd armor bar before losing bear.

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Yeah. It also can depend on adds too. If you can get some mobbing while bossing, well then you’re golden.

The mod is designed for mobbing, but that doesn’t mean some people can’t bust it with some horsepower.