Bearcat end game

Has anyone tried it on moze end game? Picked up a low level one going through story with my siren and it seems like it would be pretty legit on her.

It underperforms in terms of damage, even when you manage to hit all four pellets on the same target.

I hadn’t used it on moze, been running the flakker. Really havent had any Bearcats drop until that one for me.

Moze in general is awsome on endgame. Bearcat is like GOD MODE until you reach the end game. At this point is garbage, even using mods and talents for him. I only use bearcat like an ass—save button. Its just push ult button, take cover and jump out to maximize the cooldown. It needs a serious rework for mayhem.

Not iron bear, I was talking about the bearcat. It’s a torgue weapon. I just wanted to know how it held up in mayhem 3.

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Sorry, my fault, I didnt read it well, english its not my native idiom :slight_smile:

Np, it happens lol

I tested a level 50 shock bearcat on my moze, it’s kinda unreliable, really hard to contain the damage, unlike flakker, good contained area with consistent effect. So a lot of wasted potential damage.