Bearcat NEEDED a damage buff

With the hotfix today Bearcat received a buff. The hotfix had a lot of JUICY changes however…T_T Bearcat update to ammo consumption and only that was a bit…meh. Okay but not good enough. T_T

Ammo consumption was a problem sure but the damage was the main reason it wasn’t viable in Mayhem mode. This gun will still be in a bad spot and untouched because of it’s terrible damage output and that BITES! :joy:

Although I will say ammo consumption change while it wasn’t big it was a neat change. I just hope it gets a damage buff soon because it really is NEEDED. This gun as I said before has a LOT of potential.

Cover the field with grenades, explosions chaining off each other with my Amara and…oh my with the skill Arms deal…I can just see it. :grin:

(Plus why not give it benefits from related grenade buffs for some utility. Heck even better.)

Anybody else played with the change of Bearcat?

i still think it should deal grenade damage
that would give it a lot more utility and interesting build potential :slight_smile:



Bearcat could even be a dps and utility base weapon. Imagine giving the Bearcat the ability to heal while do damage. Imagine it even activating the grenade thrown anointed. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

This gun can be either one of the best or a really good option to choose in game for a LOT of builds.

Even so whether they do that or not it NEEDS a damage buff. 100% necessary. That is what it will take to make it viable and get people to actually use this gun.

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its just very inaccurate and slow, compared to other splash weapons
so it needs something special
dealing grenade damage would give it something special and an advantage over fast fire accurate guns

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This gun needed a buff all the way back in BL2. It is kind of funny because the same went for the Flakker. In BL2 outside of shoot swapping to give the Flakker a Launchers damage it was fairly useless. In this game it was overwhelming day one. They nuffed and re adjusted it to the point that is just wasn’t an attractive option compared to other top performers just like BL2.

Personally I would love to see the Bearcat get a huge splash damage upgrade and ditch the extra projectiles and ammo cost. Make a legit grenade launcher gun like IBs grenade launcher.


Yep…that is sadly the case. The gun has never been anything worth using. I personally never liked it in BL2. However BL3 it’s actually better than before yet…STILL terrible somehow. I don’t understand why we haven’t seen this thing recieve a damage buff yet because this gun is just awful. Flakker on the other hand was at least a bit useful in my opinion in BL2…ooooh the glory days of dual wielding two Flakkers for fun on Gunzerker and the method you speak of was just GREAT.

So why isn’t Bearcat up to pair? Why over two games is it still in a bad spot. It got improvements yet…STILL can’t keep up. It’s just mind blowing everytime I think about it. It’s like Gearbox fears this gun being overpowered yet there are like what in this game that are already a bit too op. (Not saying it shouldn’t be however my point is Bearcat doesn’t have to be op to be good. It just needs to perform better at what it’s supposed to do like a lot of other things need to be now that I think about it.)

Fixing the ammo cost was a nice way to fix ONE of it’s problems but the main problem I still see is just that damage. It’s not doing too well. Most I’ve seen it take out decent with is low tier mobs of enemies and even then there are just way better options.

I also wouldn’t mind some utility base to be put into that gun in advance.
I keep repeating this over and over this gun has potential but it’s up to Gearbox on whether or not they will give this gun moment to shine like they did for Lob although Lob was so op they had to nerf it honestly so I wouldn’t say Bearcat needs to be on that level of broken but the point is…Bearcat needs to get up their with the guns that are performing well to make it another good option to choose.

Otherwise…this gun is just gonna keep getting overlooked.