Bearcat NEEDS a buff. (Ammo consumption & damage not working with each other)

Now don’t get me wrong. Bearcat isn’t too bad however it doesn’t perform as well as it should. (Maybe on Moze and possibly Zane it can be decent.)

Even after I made so many builds with it it just really isn’t that good. All I can say so far it’s better than what it was in BL2. It crits now so that’s good, helps with even more damage buuut…the damage still is either low or average. The ammo consumption doesn"t help thay either. If it consumed 3 shots for the trade off of HIGH damage that would be great but it doesn’t. Now of course with any gun if you spec into it right it can be powerful or decent.

Buuut …no matter how many ways I spec into it. It just seems poor or a bit weak. ESPECIALLY against tanky targets. I love this gun and I love the change it got in BL3 but it just needs a buff in it’s damage. That trade off of ammo consumption needs to be something really a pay out. (Less ammo consumption would be great but that wouldn’t fix the problem it really has.)

I forgot to mention to make matters worse the gun can’t even benefit from grenade buffs. (Cover the battlefield with grenades is the identity of Bearcat. Then wouldn’t it also be REALLY nice plus make sense if it got the benefit of being buffed by grenade buffs from our character as well.)


Anybody else tried playing with the Bearcat and or liked it? :joy:

bearcat needs to deal grenade damage

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I like how it fires but the damage is horribly bad like you struggle to even kill a normal mob


THAT’S what I forgot to mention. Another disadvantage it has. Wish grenade buffs would make Bearcat benefit from it. No grneade buffs beneft from it, the lack of damage, and a pretty bad ammo consumption all combined in one gun just makes for a pretty bad weapon.


I hope they buff this gun…it has potential to be something great.

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I KNOW RIGHT! :joy: I struggled to kill the weakest mob with it a few times I noticed and when it got to those big guys it wasn’t doing a thing to them.

The gun NEEDS a buff. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t been touched yet.

Yes and I love it, but don’t take my word for it - I like weapons way worse than this too. :dukepuke:


I love it too. I usually don’t care how bad the gun is if I like it I’ll use it. Same goes for Bearcat. :joy: I just hate to see it perform so bad sometimes no matter what build I create with it.

(Yet I refuse to put it down.)

It is pretty awful. Unlike @Adabiviak I do not have the patience to figure out how to make it work.

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