Bearonator V2 (lvl 57 End Game Build)

So to start, the reason I’m not updating the old Bearonator thread is because it’s not really an update to that build but more of a full re-design although keeping the original concept in tact.

The full concept of Bearonator was always to be very versatile by being strong on foot as well as while piloting Iron Bear. This new version balances the power more evenly while remaining strong enough to easily clear all content in the game.

With this build you can expect the freedom to run around on foot, use Iron Bear to it’s full duration or mix and match depending on what you feel and the content you are doing. For example during Slaughter Shafts, I’ll normally use the full fuel duration of Iron Bear but be just as strong while on foot between cooldowns which are short thanks to Grizzled and 30% anoint. But in the Wotan fight, I’ll mostly use AutoBear for support in taking out adds for me, extra damage to the boss and a safety switch for survival.


  • Versatility.
    • Use any weapons.
    • Use all the fuel during IB summons, 50/50 it, use it as AutoBear no matter how you are playing it you will get full benefits.
  • Balanced Power.
    • In Iron Bear or on Foot, be strong at all times.
    • Powerful enough to take on TTD’s or any other content.


Class Mod:

  • Blast Master
    • +4 Vampyr / +1 Redistribution recommended.
    • Passives: Splash Damage / Mag Size / Weapon Type Damage / Max Health


  • Any. If you use +125% Incen anoint I recommend Pearl. If using Consecutive Hits anoint I recommend Last Stand Victory Rush with splash or other relevant passives.
    • Passives: AOE Damage / Max Health / Mag size / Any damage boost.


  • Moze has a wide variety of shields she can use and anything will work in the build. I prefer an Old God.
    • Recommended 30% Action Skill Cooldown anoint.


  • I made the build using Trevonator / Faisor shotgun mode / Boom Sickles which I prefer to run with this but you can choose any good weapons and they should work.
    • Anoints: Consecutive Hits or 125% Incendiary.


  • Purple Tracker / Spring Epicenter / Recurring Hex. Whatever you prefer that can proc Vampyr.
    • Anoint 25% damage on grenade thrown.


  • Skill Tree
  • If you don’t have enough Vampyr from your Blast Master I recommend speccing out of either Desperate Measure or take some points from Grizzled.
  • Specced far enough into each tree to utilize all the various strong Iron Bear Weapons.
  • Not going to explain skill choices much, I talk about some of them in more detail in the video if you have questions about anything reply to the topic.
  • Iron Bear Hardpoints: Sabot Rounds + Capacitive Armature is by far my favorite combo - Good healing, great damage and a lot of AOE clearing potential. Basically any of them work good as long as at least 1 is splash for healing. (ignore melee Hardpoints!)


The video below fully explains the build, shows some Slaughter Shaft gameplay displaying the power of Iron Bear and of the various weapon choices, followed up by a True Takedown Wotan kill.


Awesome! Don’t forget to send me the thing for it so I can replace the old one

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Yep once I do the writeup I’ll submit the build in the master topic.


jeezas how can u play at 35 fps, would be impossible for me

It’s probably due to his recording I would think.

Naw it just gets that way after I play for awhile and also just dips that low normally. It stays 60+ in a lot of places but dips down a lot. It feels smooth for the most part anyways but the performance of this game isn’t amazing.

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it would be more correct to say that they make ■■■■ (just like all the previous games)

Interesting. I haven’t had that issue, maybe it’s some graphics settings in the game… Or also my pc is like 2 months old so I don’t know.

I usually have mine run between 80 and 100 fps but in random points it can drop to like 65.

completed the Opening Post, sorry it took so long.

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Shame. I’m going to take my little heart thing away.

This build is very similar to the one I use currently except I drop PTHP and MOD to get RO, CC, and some for the road in BM. This gives me access to using Quickies and firing a cutsman a long time during the wotan fight.

My playstyle isn’t 100% IB though. I don’t even use a healing mod unless I know I’ll be on foot a lot, like wotan. Weirdly, with a big boom blaster with 75%, bunny hopping in and out of IB “heals” you for whatever the equivalent of your max health it boosts, so so it’s kind of a passive heal. If you bunny hop Autobear a lot, you can get away with this in my experience. I should record it sometime.

In any case, I love the detail of this one and might try it out with just substitution of Sapper here and there. I don’t like nade spamming, especially since MOD doesn’t work well on Ps4

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