Beast Trophy Room

A trophy room for biggest Skag, Bullymong, Rackhive, etc. Would be super cool. Since I’m not as in the loop as I’d like to be nothing like that is confirmed is it? I know there’s like a gun trophy room but I’m talking like Borderlands creature heads mounted on my wall.

What do you have in mind? Named enemies, or just the, eh, ‘named caliber’ over a head of an otherwise generic enemy?

I’m not sure how they’d do it? Like I love this idea (my current trophy room is an archive of my ‘user notes’ from the old forum that I maintain offline), but those are screenshots of the kill (which allows me to frame and tag them as I see fit, as well as decide for myself what constitutes a trophy kill). “First Gravedigger killed with a one-hit melee” or “First Constructor one-shotted with a Godfinger”… the sort of thing that I wouldn’t expect Gearbox to be able to predict for everyone (unless it’s just raid boss heads or something).

isn’t that what Sir Hammerlock’s room is for? You kill certain rare creatures for him and mount their heads in his room?

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I thought they were in your own cabin on Sanctuary III, but I honestly am not paying that close attention (until I get the game in March).

That’s what I was asking, did they already have that feature in mind somehow. Hammerlock is who I figured would feature it. Thought I heard something about hunt missions.

They will have this. You’ll get hunting missions from Hammerlock, you kill the beast, and the head will be mounted in the trophy room on Sanctuary 3.

I don’t know. I just remember all the Cabela’s games that had your biggest dear mounted on a wall with what weapon you used, location, etc. and thought it would be a cool little touch for Borderlands 3.

Those mounts are for weapons you love but don’t use any more.

Awesome, thanks. Do you have anything I can read or a video or something that confirms that?

Here you go. I haven’t watched this in a while, but it should show the Trophy Room at least. They’ve been talking about it for 3 months or so. I’m not saying that to be rude, I’m saying that there’s a lot of different spots they’ve mentioned it, so I’m not sure where the most detailed explanation is.

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Thanks. Appreciate it. I try to stay informed but sometimes I miss things.

It’s 6:48 in that video.

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Thanks, I actually haven’t seen this video yet. I’ll probably watch it all. Happy they have this as a feature and again thanks for confirming.

if you want to read about it and other stuff (most of which is in the video above)

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Of course. We VH gotta have each others backs. Lol. And it’s a cool idea that adds longevity and bragging rights. Who wouldn’t want it in the game?