Beastiary/Enemy Journal

Dear Gearbox, thank you for creating such a wonderful franchise.

I would like to see some sort of Beastiary/Enemy Journal on the next game. (next DLC if you guys can manage it :stuck_out_tongue: ) Would like to be able to examine them closely, a bit difficult atm they keep biting, clawing, shooting and hack me to death :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That should be in every game. I don’t like going to wikipedia every 2 minutes, I’d rather learn more about the game within the game itself.

Plus it opens up the “gotta catch em all” box, where you run around tagging/digistructing enemies to…extract info about them somehow lol

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This would be a cool feature, like scanning the creatures and environment in Metroid Prime. I dig it and I’m down!

They should have this for unique/legendary gear as well

Lol reading that reminds me of Sterwin and his “Sterwin Forever” mission in BL TPS, as well as Pokemon of course. That would be an interesting permanent addition.

Of course as we have Echos now they should just go the Digimon route of having the enemy “capture” registering digitally, instead of making us use Sterwin’s pokeball grenade mod.