Beat BL3, now I'm super depressed. Anyone? (spoilers)

I didn’t handle well losing Maya. She was my fave in BL2 and my main. It didn’t help matters how the developers kept replaying her death in loop often. It was done in poor taste just like with Lilth losing her powers.

I felt such joy when Lilith (fave) finally got her powers back. I was ready to be done and leave cause that’s all I wanted to see. But it didn’t stop there. She’s gone. And I’m soo conflicted with emotions.

I’m angry, upset, disappointed? Like I get it. Her arc is pretty much complete and she’s now forever in the moon but holy ■■■■ I need a moment. She’s just gone like Maya. Worst game ever (plot wise) anyways.

Just wondering if anyone bonded with them like me or just felt meh overall.


heck lucky you…i’ve always played the gunner/turret guy in BL…so lets see…
Roland died in 2
Axton hasn’t been heard of
Wilhem we killed him in 2…

so yeah…it’s about the same as game of thrones…don’t get attached cuz none of your fav are gonna make it out alive…


What the hell happened to Axton?! It’s like he never existed. That’s ■■■■■■ up. At least Roland got a proper tribute in BL2 DLC. But yeah that sucks man ;/


I agree but I kinda liked some of it as well.

I like that Lilith’s story is done, she had her trilogy, she grew, she over came things and now its time for a new arc.

I hope Ava is our next lilith and Maya lives on through her, guiding her. Maya was onto some next level siren things that lilith and tannis didn’t understand. I hope they follow through with that and not just forget her.


We’ll see in the DLCs, maybe Ava would be an OK character next? I dunno…

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yeah roland got a good treatment …exposure? after his death…he’s mentionned or seen a lot…heck when i got to roland’s rest in 3 i stayed there a good 30 minutes…just taking it in…discovering stuff…seeing the graffiti tributes every other character did…

Think maya was rushed and thus far it’s like one and done it’s just ava who keeps mentionning her and that’s it…guess maybe DLC will show us more. Same with lilith


Same man. I appreciated the tribute to Roland. It was a neat touch. They better give her a proper tribute, it was awfully rushed here. I’m hoping future events do not something, having that mentality made me stomach the BS they did here.

I think they did everything for Lilith in the ending credits, tons of artwork and now whenever you see the sun you see her sign post game. I doubt it’ll be anything grand, I mean how can you top that?


I wouldn’t put a lot of money on Lilith being gone forever, Tannis seemed to be looking for her in the end credit pics.

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yeah lilith isn’t implicated as dead…she just blew her symbol on the moon…she might be back…

as for maya…i hope we get to see/hear more…

edit: oh and of course…gimmeh my boy axton back!!! like a whole dlc on whats axton up to!!(probably hanging out with sal)

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I wouldn’t say looking but trying to understand but damnit reading that gave me hope. Lol her arc is pretty concluded… I honestly dunno if she can resume being just human again, in body I mean. It’s COF now @ @

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That would be something if she did come back, but yeah! Axton needs to be on a dlc at least, even as a npc giving missions just something

Yeah seriously, Maya’s second last line in the game is about how learning more about herself “feels important”. The fact that you find that log after her death gives me some hope that her story isn’t done yet, especially with the actual last line being “I’ll be back, I promise”.

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Random thought. Is it possible for someone, who’s hit rock bottom for whatever reason (poor mental health, poverty, trauma, etc…), and seing Maya character grow in the game was the only thougth that gave some comfort to that person, would Maya’s poorly handeled death make them snap? Sounds like a interesting topic if for ridicolus reason. If Stephen King hasn’t wrote a draft for an idea like this, then I will.

P.S. It’s normal that you fell depressed. I’ also was expecting a death of a mayor character. But what pissed me of was the pathetic execution of the act. And I respect storytelling to much to let this slide!


Isn’t that literally the plot of Stephen King’s Misery? Girl saves guy that got into an accident that is her favorite author, and she finds out that he already wrote her favorite characters death in the next book. She goes crazy and tortures him into re-writing it (I think?)

Well ■■■■.

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I like to see what happen to Fiona, Sasha, Salvator, Gaige, Axton, Krieg, Zed, Athen, Janey Springs, and the others


It’s as of tps never happened… And tales

That throws Ava’s arc into limbo tbh if Maya comes back. I hate that they have her that cliche trope, the teacher dies and leaves it to her student crap, like gee thanks…

Maya mentioned to Lilith that Ava was gonna be a siren and Lilith question that but it was never explained. Lots of holes @ @

It would… However I wouldn’t give BL too much credit in the story department they’re not exactly winners there

Touche. Lol