Beat BL3, now I'm super depressed. Anyone? (spoilers)

I’m not asking for a Pulitzer prize but just some basic standards.

By the looks of it, Tales had some of the better writing and it’s like it never happened in BL3. TPS gave us interesting characters, and they gave Aurelia a bigger role in the Jakos plot and she’s a bonus/DLC VH in TPS @ @ a lot of crap here I didn’t like plot wise and it’s not just about Maya and Lilith.

That woud be a reasonable way to make a good story by hiring the writers from Telltale games. Too bad that reason left this planet long ago, kicked us in the nut’s, thrown away our adress and showed us the finger.

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Tbh I’m not really looking forward to the next BL. My only two fave characters are gone. I worried greatly about Amara, ■■■■ looks dire for Sirens :confounded:

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I worry for Moze

Maya won’t be back as a Siren that’s for sure, we’re already too far down the Ava path. If Maya were to ever actually get revived or come back as a force ghost, she could still serve to be a mentor that keeps Ava in check (which she could really use), continue studying about Sirens, while reuniting with Krieg. During the 6 years between BL2 and BL3 she already retired from being a crimson raider anyways, so letting Ava have her powers doesnt exactly change her characters arc by that much in reality

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Rather not a force ghost but yes without her powers and now mentoring Ava

Why?! Don’t spoil anything if it’s in the game. I have yet to play her.

I don’t know why I get necromancer vibes from her. Like that’s her role in BL3

Didn’t Ava grow? Base on the credits she looked a bit older… BL4 will definitely be X yrs ahead in the future…

I played a lot of Maya in BL2 as well. Got me pretty angry to see her cowering in front the calypsos after she mowed down a district full of cultists, broke all their s*** with Scorn, and fought a vault monster. But oh no, some yuppie kids showed up, whatever shall I do now?
She manages to grab Troy and then dies (with an honestly far too comical scream). Goddammit. And she was the one who kept Krieg going too.

Why is Wainright the only person to just frigging blast the Calypsos on sight?

And yeah, Lilith too. Why did she have to sacrifice herself? What exactly did she do with Elpis, how does this work, why did it cost her life? There was no lead-up or explanation for these mechanics.

I’m wondering, hoping really, that it was left deliberately vague, and we will investigate Lilith’s legacy and her final moments in a DLC (there’s also the question of her eridian chest, and the Watcher).

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Not really? It’s a different artstyle and she still looks like 14.

Also not sure what you’re getting at with BL4 being years ahead, does that somehow prevent us from having more Maya/Krieg related content?

It it weird to hope for a Dragon Keep-like DLC where Ava deals with Maya’s death? It feels weird to hope for that. That, and they already made Dragon Keep so why make it again, right?

I was honestly upset when I discovered Krieg voice echo. He’s looking for Maya still… Just being hopeful…

I’m finding solace in believing that Lilith finally merge with Maya (powerwise) at the end. I kind of ship them > >

Yeah there’s a bunch of loose ends. Honestly, the Tanis reveal, if it can even be consider that, went over my head. Like “yeah we know… We figured it out” and kept on going.

I think we are bound to get some sort of search for lilith or Maya dlc, but getting both would be pretty unlikely. What I don’t like is that Ava seemingly shifts all her respect to Lilith by the end of game as if she already forgot about Maya. Krieg seems to maybe be our last hope for more Maya

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I’m sorry for your loss… but I wish they all had died. Then the remaining new Vault Hunters could take over the universe. with Gaige, Krieg and Axton.

The credits implied that time has past, people went on with their lives with the Firehawk in the distance. It didn’t seem like a month thing by the way it was presented. But who knows.

How can you get M/K content? I only encounter one echo from Krieg and Maya is gone. As for DLCs they’re all recent time wise

Lillith will be back, mark my words.

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I’m not against that idea. Don’t know why they’re not there. I think in the next game Moxxi and Markus should take the same route as Dr Zed. Just be a stable Vender.
Actually I can see why they’ll keep Moxxi around she’s the only helpful one, she basically ran TPS. They need to do something about tales tho!


I really disagree that a significant amount of time passed during the credits. Why would it take more than a couple weeks or a month for tannis to put up lilith conspiracy boards in her room, or Ellie freshly painting a fire hawk? Those are both things that should take place pretty soon after the events of the ending.

We have 4 dlcs coming out in the next year. Unless they plan on aging everyone or explaining that they take place before the credits roll, it doesn’t make sense for there to be any sort of significant time skip.

I also don’t know what youre saying about m/k content. I was just saying that one of the planned Dlcs could be krieg/Maya themed if they wanted. Recent timewise? Sorry but you’re confusing me a bit lol