Beat Hell-burbia, no accomplishment

I completed Hell-burbia playing local split-screen co-op. No accomplishment for either of the accounts. (No, neither account has it, not before I started the mission nor do either have it now before someone asks if it has already been done).

I’ve no idea if anything can be done, but at miniumu, I thought it might be worth posting before someone else wastes hours on what at least local co-op seems to be broken.

Is this the original 360, backwards compatible, or remaster version of the game? And was there any interruption to your XBL connection during the game?

It is the remastered GOTY version on an Xbox One X. The connection was up 100% of the time.

Here’s a picture I took with my phone of the screen showing both gamer tags, and that Hell-burbia was completed with both. You can take a look and see neither account got any credit for it.

I completely logged out, hard restarted the machine to clear the cache and logged back in with a single account to see if the accomplishment might pop. It didn’t. Back in The Underdome and it does not show that Hell-burbia was completed. Posting this for information’s sake.

Now if I can only luck into some poor soul who is foolish enough to spend the hours on The Underdome so I can try to get all the accomplishments for the game…

Quick question: did you complete the 5 round challenge or the 20 round challenge for Hell-burbia?

Game crashed while sending a message to another player in the matchmaking screen. Again, for the sake of information.

All 20 are required to get that check-mark, I killed it all until it kicked us out.

The reason I ask is because that image you posted shows that you are playing the “Prove yourself” mission, the only mission in the Mad Moxxi Underdome. That mission requires that you complete the 5 round challenge of all three arenas. After completing all of the 5 round challenges, you are rewarded with a free skill point and are allowed to play each of the arenas again, with the 5 round or 20 round challenge. You only get the “Hell-Burbia” achievement by completing the 20 round challenge of Hell-Burbia, and you can only access that by completing the “Prove yourself” mission. I don’t think you’ve completed that mission yet, as its requirements are still on the right-side of your screen, based on your image.


Good point.

@GrfxGawd - here’s the list of achievements:

One for completing the three short challenges, one each for the long challenges, and one for completing all three long challenges.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve only ever completed the first of those - life is short!

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It’s been nine years since I completed it on the 360 (a few less since on the PC) but I honestly don’t remember with a lot of clarity of exactly what popped when.

I’ll keep at it then.

I did them all on the 360, I don’t remember if I accomplished everything on the PC version. Hoping to get 100% again. Having some issues…

I’ll set everything back up the way it was and see what happens. It could literally be I haven’t done the accomplishment, cause’, that would do it. So I’ll see about doing what you’ve pointed out. :smile:

Good call @axlerate! :call_me_hand:
Spot on, misunderstood what was and was not needed for the accomplishment.

This can be closed, seems to be working as intended. :white_check_mark:

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