Beat the game but have a question about enemy levels

Hi guys. OK I just completed the game on a normal first run playthrough. Before I completed it, I was a bit overleveled at around 56, while the enemies were around the 47 level range. Now, I am back on Sanctuary and noticed that when I returned to any of the planets, the enemies have now been scaled to my level.

This is cool and I don’t mind it, but I’m curious…will they now “Keep up” and continue to scale up to my level, or will I be able to grind and out level them? Keep in mind I’m still referring to this first playthrough and not True Vault Hunter mode.

Are you using Mayhem? On Mayhem everything scales to your level.

No not using Mayhem…just regular mode.

I was under the impression that only TVHM and/or mayhem made enemies scale to you.

When you say that you’ve returned to the planets, do you mean that you’ve been doing side quests that you skipped the first time around? Because enemies in side quests will typically scale to the level you were at when you accepted the side quest. So if you accepted it 20 levels ago but only tackled it now, the enemies involved should be 20 levels under you. But if you only accepted the side quest just now, the enemies will likely be of your level.

But this pertains just to the enemies that spawn as a direct result of the quest. The enemies casually inhabiting the surrounding areas should still be whatever level they were at when you first discovered that area.

If this is not what’s happening to you then I’m not sure what the deal is :confused:

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That is also my impression.

I’m fairly sure everything scales to your level even on normal once you beat the final boss

Iirc, if you play the story you’ll end up on Mayhem 1, right? Which would make all enemies scale to your level everywhere. The last thing you do in the story is insert the artefact from the last vault into the mayhem machine and I think that will set it to M1. You’d have to manually switch off mayhem mode in the mayhem menu.


Yes i understand all that, but my question is will the enemies continue to scale up to my level as I level up, or can I “out grind” them?

On normal mode and with Mahem off. Ennemies should normally be locked at their “initial level”.
TVHM or Mayhem on. They will scale at your level.

Gotcha, thanks. I have mayhem off at the moment…having enough of a hard time fighting these clowns without it lol.

Dr Do_little is replaying the game in TVHM worth it IYO? Also just curious but who the best character in the game IYO? I’m rocking Moze

The fact that they scale is also why you can level up very fast by using very crowded areas like the Slaughter shaft or a certain DLC1 area.

Replaying the story in TVHM is a very personal thing. We could debate about it all day and it will still come down to personal preference.
I did it with my main character but not right away. Now that we are (in theory) at level cap and can enjoy some stability. I will probably start doing it with the others soon. One advantage is to have two sets of side quests. I will do it part time. For a change of pace or when I simply feel like it.

“Best VH” also is personal . Depending on your playstyle or favorite gear. The one you feel the “most powerful” can be different than someone else and may not be the same you enjoy the most. Even within one character. Different builds/gear are perceived differently from one person to another.
Best way to enjoy Borderberlands IMO is your own way. :wink: If for you steamrolling at mayhem 10 is the thing then there’s something for you. (Not for me. ) I find it easier (And much less time consuming) to adjust the difficulty level to a specific character/build for what I want to do with it than trying to do everything at the highest difficulty level.
I don’t mind playing the story again but wouldn’t spend half that time farming for a very specific drop. For others it’s exactly the opposite.

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TVHM is only good for getting mission rewards on level, and replaying dlc by resetting. Or if you just want to go through the main story again. Once you turn on mayhem, NVHM and TVHM are exactly the same.

Didn’t they add that thing where Earl’s machine has mission rewards?

Oh yea, lol. Well not all of them are in there from my understanding. Like the cloud kill. Plus DLC rewards that they haven’t given us a way to get yet without replaying.

Quick question guys…ever since beating the game, there is now a new Pink bar above the normal health bar. What does this Pink bar represent?

That is your guardian rank bar. XP now goes towards that as well as levels until you max your level, then it just goes into guardian rank.

BL2 and TPS did BAR differently via challenge objectives. Bl3 uses xp instead.

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There. I edited it for you. You can thanks me later. :wink:

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IIRC, once Tannis gives you that Eridian modulator or whatever and tells you about Mayhem stuff, you by default get MH1 enabled (after you place that Eridian artefact or something on the stand in Sanctuary).

So, may be you are already at MH1 without realizing it…


Yeah I’m thinking that’s the case as well. It seems I need to manually turn Mayhem mode off. I remember there being a machine that I inserted the thing that Tannis gave me into, and then it gave me the option to enable mayhem mode. But…can I really disable it once I already inserted the thing? Maybe it’s permanent once you activate it. Some of my guns say “Mayhem 1” by the way…so I’m assuming I’ve been in Mayhem Mode all this time.