Beat the game but the game won’t recognize it

Hi guys.

My husband and I beat the entire game in couch co-op. I played 2nd player the entire time.

At the end of the game my husbands screen played the credits but my screen stayed live. I thought nothing of it. Once the credits were done we zoned back to sanctuary, got access to mayhem mode and my husband now has access to the guardian rank system, I on the other hand do not.

We loaded the game as me as first player and the game recognizes that I beat the first 3 levels and nothing else. But if we load the game with me as 2nd player it shows they I’ve beat all main missions. But guardian rank says I must beat the game to access the rank system. So somewhere in our game play I continued to gain level (level 36 currently) but it stopped tracking missions and trophies on my profile.

I never had the problem with any other BL game. We’ve played this way for every game and it has always been fine.

We have reached out to both 2K as well as gearbox. It’s been almost 3 weeks and we’ve only gotten one response from 2k explaining how to use and what the guardian rank system is. I know what the system is, I can’t access it.

Has anyone else had this problem? Where you able to fix it?

We stopped playing the game because my husband doesn’t want to advance farther than me in the guardian ranking.

I payed over $100 for this game. I expected bugs and we’ve had many. I’ve even lost stored weapons in the safe system. I literally care about none of that right now because for how my husband and I want to play, it’s unplayable. And worse yet, we are missing all this extra anniversary stuff.

So if anyone can help or give any suggestions I’d appreciate it so much.

Please forgive any typos. I’m writing this on my phone as a passenger in a car.

Thank you.

This would happen in the previous games if one person had advanced a bit in a private session before the second player joined back in again. I’ve seen a few posts suggesting BL3 is set up in a similar manner.

If you haven’t already tried this, I would suggest loading in with you as primary (either solo or co-op) and continuing main story from where you find yourself for a bit. Hopefully, you’ll hit a story point where you’ll get the “skip ahead” prompt.

If that doesn’t work, you should at least be pretty well set to steam-roll through just the story until you’re both caught up and GRs are unlocked for both of you.

Thanks for your feedback. We never had this problem on the other BLs and we’ve played together the whole time on this one, neither of us played single and advanced without the other.

We’ve also tried running through part of the game in Co-op with me as the lead but tonight I’ll try doing it solo to see if it will let me skip ahead.

This is incredibly frustrating.


We loaded the same with my profile on single player. Did a mission and turned it in. It gave me the option to skip and we did and it now recognizes that I beat the game and unlocked guardian rank.

Thank you! I could hug you.

I’m annoyed that it’s been three weeks with two tickets open and 2K hadn’t helped me.

Hopefully if someone else has this problem they can find the solution here.


Glad you got it all sorted. Now go kick some CoV/Maliwan butt!

If only the game would stop lagging we could have an enjoyable time. But at least we can play again.