Beating Terramorphous (PS3)

I need help
I’m on Ps3 and try to get the Platinum Trophy.
But i don’t have the Confernce Call to beat Terramorphous, since weeks i try to get this weapon from the warrior, but i don’t have luck, only the mask 3 times…
Can someone maybe borrow this weapon?
My ID is Hannes-55-

Moved you in to your own thread, since a 2-year dormant one is probably not the best place.

You shouldn’t actually need a Conference Call to beat Terramorphous - there’s plenty of other gear that can get the job done.

What class and level character are you playing, and what mode are you in?

I play the Gunzerker, Lv. 50 finished the True Vault Hunter Mode.
And now i try to beat Terramorphous in the Normal mode.
My Shield is The Bee, and i had the infinity pistol on lv. 37

That won’t be helping you very much. Terra is always going to be level 50+ even in normal mode, so you want level 50 weapons at least.

I’m not sure that this is a fight I’d use a Bee shield in, unless it had very fast recharge with short delay. I personally prefer something a bit tankier. The at-launch bug that let the Bee/CC combo one-shot pretty much everything was fixed a long time ago.

You might want to go tip Moxxi for a levelled Good Touch - the fast fire rate combined with healing should help, especially with all the tentacles. You want to slag the beastie too, even in NVHM. A good bouncing bonnie/bettie slag grenade is a frequent recommendation.

I’m not sure what other gear would work well for Sal for that fight, but maybe @GrzesPL or @Adabiviak have some suggestions.

Do you have access to any of the DLCs?

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Gunzerking is not my forte… I got through because Sal is Sal, but I wasn’t stomping raid bosses with him. :laughing: The meta du jour seemed to be a Grog Nozzle and a Pimpernel or maybe an Unkempt Harold.

Gaige could make the Conference Call shine (even without a Bee) with a ton of Anarchy, since all the lateral pellets had a shot to fire Close Enough, but we’re talking Sal here. Are the build collection threads still around? They should have plenty of weapon combos available there.

If @portischhannes doesn’t have Tina’s DLC (for the Grog Nozzle), Moxxi’s Rubi worked for this healing role before that DLC came out… it just isn’t as game-breaking as the 'nozzle. It’s also a bit of dashboarding if a specific element/attachment is desired, but it is a relatively simple mission reward straight out of Sanctuary if healing is the goal.

The same goes for the Scarlett’s DLC - an Unkempt Harold wrecks face if a Pimpernel isn’t otherwise available.

Slagging Terramorphous is a whole 'nother ball game. I think the Pimpernel could do it, but I think many Gunzerkers were rocking slag Crossfire or Bouncing Bonny grenades. The Bonny is available in the main game but is a world drop, so that’s a rough farm (especially for a slag one). If @portischhannes has access to the Scarlett DLC, someone else can get one for him more easily if they bring a raid boss veteran (specifically: one with a bunch of Seraph Crystals) to TVHM, go visit the Seraph vendor in the Torgue DLC who should be selling level 50 Crossfire grenades (which makes that a much easier farm). Buy it, then give it to @portischhannes.

If @portischhannes is bringing a level 50 character to a level 37 fight, a Rubi and Unkempt Harold should work. :thinking:

Thank you,
I try it this way, i have acesd to the scarlett dlc, so it must be possible somehow

I mean, it is a raid boss, whose difficulty is, I believe, intended to be difficult for four players working together. That players manage to kill it on their own (and quickly sometimes) is more a function of having some very specific gear/build combinations.

Most of the tactics I see of players who “farm” Terramorphous are based on these builds that kill it very quickly so they don’t actually have to deal with Terramorphous that much. As a player who did not use those builds outside of research purposes (my rare scrap with it would go for like half an hour or longer, and I usually died), here are some pointers:

  • Learn Terramorphous’ attack patterns. It goes through a rotation of attack types, and being prepared to deal with them is a life saver. One of its attacks has it go into singularity mode. If you’re not behind something that prevents you from getting pulled in, it’s almost a guaranteed death.

  • “Pride Rock” is a thing - there’s a nook near some rocks where the map exit is that provide some modicum of protection. The rocks out on the main combat floor provide better cover, but will almost invariably get you thrown off the map to your death if you lurk there too long. Also, being anywhere near the rim is a similar death sentence.

Seriously, where are the actual raid boss farmers from BL2? That was such a staple of the build chatter here.

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Got em,
I beat him with an other guy i met in an other forum, and togehter it was so easy :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

Thank you all for your help and tips


Nice! That’s a bit of a rite of passage among players, I think.

Ill look to see if pc to ps3 trading is a thing if it is ill send you a few items that will help.

It is not.