Beatrix is amazing

Gearbox, seriously you did a great job with beatrix. Im having so much fun playing as her, thank you.


She’s a dirty penguin hater! OP! (JK).

I like her theme.

I haven’t played as her yet (did ya’ll see that new WF title?!) but I am in love with her taunts, they’re so creepy, it’s awesome.

I hope she doesn’t get nerfed like people are calling for. She seems very strong but has no real carry potential. She’s amazing in a decent team though

I really really hope they don’t mess with her. Shes fine just as she is. It’s funny that people will right away, call for a nerf for a new character.

People are still calling for Pendles nerfs so…

Is she good/fun? If so look forward to a nerf :slight_smile: even I can’t tell if that’s a joke because GBX balance


They may make mistakes and once a year ruin a character temporarily, but the new Thorn seems perfect

Once a year? How long has this game been out exactly?
And how long does it take to fix a ruined character? Ruining a character shouldn’t happen at all. It isn’t a mistake it’s a complete f**k up. How long does it take to get helix fixed on nerfed skills? Answer not sure still waiting for some to be fixed


She can really hurt if you sit back and let her peg you, but that’s true for so many characters. If you bumrush her though she falls apart quickly. Actually way quicker than i expected she would. Very interesting character though. She’s kind of like a swiss army knife. There’s something in her toolkit to help so many different team comps


Banking on El Dragõn being last year’s and Mellka being this year’s. #optimism

This is so incredibly correct

yeah im going to actually go out on a limb so far and say she’s been the least OP “initial rollout new character” we’ve gotten.

If anyone’s noticed, the “nerf beatrix” cries have been pretty silent.

I think her concept is pretty genius for this game. It’s still early so I won’t call her UP but the thing with her is that she seems like she might suffer in incursion games if you are solo queuing or on a non-competitive team (ie : reyna).

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yep props to her design. she is amazingly fun to play as.

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Yea so much fun.

She’s definetly my new main. Not to discredit WF and Phoebe of course, stil love them aswel.

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Spot on however the nerf cries are fairly loud everywhere but here. Mostly about her hp and a little about a helix pick that gives more are. I truly think it’s just because she’s either a counter to their main or they haven’t figured out how to counter her. Basically, pvp related.

I think her hp is fine given that she’s slow. An easy takedown for anyone with a stun or slow which is everyone(?). As far as pvp aoe goes, the stream hinted a tip that spreading out would be advisable so I don’t have an issue with it.
Idk. I’m sure she’ll be nerfed somehow.

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Maybe the only real nerf to be given is wound duration. Thats it. As a Person who loves playing assassins and Melee characters, I find 3-5 seconds wound disgusting in comparison to the helix choices which say “{what to do}, target is wounded for 1.5 seconds.” Its wierd that these helixs won’t be upgraded given that they never where chosen, and now Trixxy is just better. I digress.

Fine character that is super balenced. Maybe not as much as Pendals, but absolutly fine.

This exactly. The best at-will wounds (meaning, does not require a skill and therefore can be repeated to keep wound on the target) are 2 seconds (Caldarius Melee,) or 1.5 seconds (Isic charged shots helix choice.)

I get that she’s supposed to be the best at wounding, but I think 1.5 seconds (3 seconds scoped) would be fine. As it is now, you can miss half your shots and still keep your target wounded permanently … even during your reload if you hit with the last shot.

She’d still have plenty of teeth even if she required decent aim to keep a target wounded, especially considering her Infection does all its damage in the first second, and so does nearly as much damage per second as Melka’s venom does if you hit once and let it run the full four seconds (which in practice means it does significantly more damage, in addition to the wound.)


May I ask, how much damage does she output compared to Marquis and Thorn? I was thinking her Magazine was a bit much, but maybe thats a weird way to look at it.

I was just talking about the Infection damage … the very short DoT that also wounds for a long time (compared to any other source of wound.)

If you’ve got a regen build, say 28 regen, her basic attack prevents 56 regen over three seconds, and deals 37 damage each time you land it (since the damage it deals happens in the first second.)

Her scoped shots prevent 94 points of regen, if you’ve got 28 to start with. And 28 is actually fairly low, anyone can get that or much higher with the right gearset

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