Beatrix is amazing

Oh, I was talking about dps comparison. I am a non digital deluxe owner, so yeah, I can’t test her damage. Also, the right gearset may not be a huge benefit for that character, although regen is pretty awesome.

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What kind of gear are you running on her? I can’t figure her out, she feels extremely weak to me. On paper, the wound looks cool, in practice, weak, weak, weak.

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Shes definitely not weak. When i get on later or tomorrow ill post what gear I have on her. I know i have two greens and one legendary. One has attack speed other is cool down reduction. Legendary has skill damage and chance for skills to do 30 percent more damage when used or something like that.

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I really hope they bring down her health. She has the highest health of all the Jennerit save from Attikus and her hitbox is so small. It makes no sense that the guy in an armored suit with a jet pack or the space samurai wearing light armor have less health than the cyborg little girl.

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Agreed; that and her penetrating shots are why i can’t stand her as Toby…

OP. Nerf needed. Penguin hating, cyborg b*tch…

Kidding about 2/3’rds of that…


You haven’t even played her yet, lol.

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Ummm what? That’s the whole point of this topic. I think she’s amazing. Why would i make a topic about her if I haven’t played her? Better yet how would you even know if i played as her or not? But yea, definitely played her dude, dunno why you wrote that.

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Gear ive been using on beatrix. In response to the person calling her weak. Ive been doing just fine with her and this gear.

Her HP is too high for the size of her hitbox and her wound duration is way, waaaaay too long. Especially when you consider how accurate her gun is and the infinite range. She completely negates healers and it doesn’t even cost a helix point. Just why?

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Is anyone else having trouble with her ult? It doesn’t seem to do much.

It seems to not work at times, and yet it gives a noticeable debuff to enemies. Might be the outline just not always showing up.

It’s not great for PvE except in very particular circumstances (like Evolved Thrall waves in Renegade finale). It functions like an AoE but only lasts as long as the first target is alive, so most PvE targets die before it spreads too far and you kind of get short changed on the damage.

60% healing reduction that potentially spreads to an entire team for 8 seconds. It doesn’t do much if you’re playing PvE.

She’s plenty strong anyway, even I have gotten her past 15 already just in PVE.

The hit detection for it is pretty unforgiving and the range is mediocre

I just dont like the delay on her ult. It takes like 2 seconds to fire after hitting R2.

3 second silence at level 1 on a skill that can blanket a large area is a bit much.

It may just be a symptom of Chaos Rumble and multiple Beatrixes but the silence is a bit too much and really destroys a lot of melee toons’ ability to even waveclear.

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Am i the only who actually likes the left helix option at level 1?

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I solo que with her all the time and im able to carry a team with her. But then again i can do that with half the roster. I think shes real strong and counters most charcters thats why people think she needs nerf.

I want to try to see if reyna counters her.

I take it all of the time if there’s opposing melee. Go ahead, touch me or my friends.