Beatrix is beyond OP

All these debuffs from across the map as Im being stunlocked. Her melee is on par with Gali its INSANE!
GBX, you gotta balance your game!
(nothing I said is true, just wanted to start the generic character is OP AF thread)


I haven’t got her yet, is it a US release or something? I got the season pass, cr 105 and cant see her.

lol no, just starting the generic character is OP thread
I heard she is going to be a sniper, her shots give debuffs and I’m really hoping her melee is going to pack a punch because of the big ass needle arm of hers. Or maybe her melee will give a different kind of debuff like slow so she can escape.

(Insert image here of what happens to the next person who yells OP)

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Yea, and in all of the matches yet, nobody has managed to score a Beatrix kill. NOBODY!!!

Bea is in other words both OP and UNKILLABLE.

Please, please, please nerf Bea’s ridiculous health regeneration or I’m leaving (and I want my money back)!

Good to know at least her melee is weak as ■■■■. Because having literally every debuff applied to me from across the map with that BS sniper of her’s is utter nonsense. Not to mention it does like 700 damage on a body shot level 5.

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Idk who you were fighting, but the built in aim bot makes Mellka unplayable

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