Beatrix is literally killin' with kindness

I can’t believe it took me this long to see that in the vial.


see what

The little bubbles in her syringe look a lot like hearts.

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They are definitely hearts ^.^

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Well look at that.

I heard the stuff in her syringe was alive :o

Devs brought up the hearts in her reveal stream.

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ahhh :slight_smile: i see

Mmm they did? I didn’t watch it, I was avoiding spoilers.

Topic moved to our brandnew Beatrix-section :heart:

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visually, she almost looks like a biologically 70 year old (which is chronologically how old she is) even though she is actually 15ish when Sustained

but then once you get some voice lines like her adorable “Jump!” quote when jumping and hearts in her syringe, she does lean herself more towards the middle/high school girl (who happens to like playing god with thrall genes and animal splices)

Or jump pad lines like “Double dutch” and such.

And her “circle, circle, dot, dot” line :grinning: