Beatrix : Last Battleborn #30

(Ambra's Arbiter) #187


(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #188

Oh, so like even though the other factions are making the “right choice” really rendains has a high risk but potential chance to be better in the long run

(foo_luke) #189

Yeah, but think about it. If he did what he did to save the jennerit and send the rest of the galaxy to hell, do you believe he had no sympathizer?

(Is this thing on?) #190

Oh I’m sure he did. One-man revolutions don’t tend to fare very well, even if that one man is close to the top. That doesn’t mean he didn’t also betray Leonore; I’m quite sure there were other Jennerit with whom the Silent Sisters were less than popular. (Probably the ones who didn’t like having to tuck their shirts in, or wore their pants around their knees…)

(Like the cereal...) #191

Do you like apples?

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(Is this thing on?) #192

Ok, so the latest Battleplan settles at least one thing: Leanore is NOT dead.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #193

I can’t help hut hope that was added in because of this topic

(Tremadog102) #194

There is a chance that he is trying to save everyone he can. As one of the final survivors of a dying universe I doubt he is bargaining from a very strong position. Rendain and his selected few may be all the people the Varelsi are able or willing to take with them. That would probably make him too sympathetic for people’s tastes though. Punching his colossal chin wouldn’t be so satisfying otherwise. :smiley:

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #195

But he does give the vibe that he believes what he does is for the best though

(Is this thing on?) #196

For HIS best. Doesn’t seem to care to much for anyone who isn’t Jennerit though. (And honestly, how many Thrall do you really think he’d try and save?)

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #197

He really does not care for thralls

(Tremadog102) #198

To be fair, if you were in a situation where you could only save a finite number of people from an impending catastrophe would you be able to put aside the instinct to save those close to you first? Disposing of the Empress one way or another was a low blow and it doesn’t state who exactly Rendain was trying to save in addition to himself but I bet if a massive asteroid was due to collide with this planet in reality I doubt people like myself and other factory/warehouse workers would be the priority to save. We might get told to dig a small hole in the back garden but that’s about the help we would get. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Raal) #199

I love the character! But the thing is, I think 2K and Gearbox should keep a constant update to the game. Please add a Brawl mode where only the characters fight with a different kit or something. I also know that she is the last Battleborn but I hope you guys make more characters!

(daylonr35) #200

We need a nemesis

(ClkwrkCuttlfish) #201

I’m kinda hoping for this too. Same role or class as orendi but focusing on debuffs.

(PSN: Umbra073) #202

So hyped… :joy:

(Ambra's Arbiter) #203

I’m hoping for debuff on debuff on debuff plus a mediocre skill that can deal awesome damage once everything is set up


(PSN: Umbra073) #204

I’m hoping for the same. Like a passive that lets her sniper shots impart a debuff, a skill that intensifies the debuff’s effectiveness and maybe a skill that provides some sort of area lifesteal.
@epicender584 :grin:

(Ambra's Arbiter) #205

That’d be great. Especially her healing being limited to lifesteal transfer or some sort. That was my idea for her since Ernest

(Jedc750) #206

i like the affliction lock theme, I just really wish she wasn’t a sniper