Beatrix Nerf went way to far

You could reduce the silence, or reduce her damage, but not both.

Her early game is far to weak to keep up with the rest of the team in lvl and her early helix choices do little to make her viable as compensation.

At the same time, the silence duration in practice is less then .5 seconds, which means as her only escape skill, she is defensless. This is perplexing as many other High Dps char have Hard CC that also does huge damage, it makes almost no sense for a skill like this to take a nerf, when it has no CC at all and its damage being mediocre is fully unhelped by its seeking function i wish it didnt have. I would argue, it was half of beatrix’s entire point, and without it the heal blocking is situational, and i dare say, worthless.

Who ever approved this without fully considering the consequences should not be left in charge of balance going forward, they clearly missed even the most basic considerations as far as game design.

I disagree. I now think she is right where she should have been from the start: Strong in skilled hands, but not cancer.


I’ve only played against one Beatrix since her rebalancing:

Don’t categorize her as low damage dealer to be honest.

To explain the low damage on my end: I played very passive in the beginning, since the enemy Montana was disconnected for the first 10 minutes of the game. Was a mistake in the end, because that might have cost us the game.

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Dosent bother me, I play her as a buff/debuff support so I choose Infection over silence anyway


by late game she can make up the damage with either DD or Pleague rat, but levels 1-4 are a grind to the point of making her VERY niche.

basically you pick her and hope somebody picks miko on the other team.

even then, a competent miko can and will kill her 1v1 unless you close to melee range.

silence is a joke now, i didnt pick it last game and didnt notice not having it even a bit, thats a dead helix pick now. plecebo at best.

If you are judging a character like Beatrix by her ability to 1v1 than you are looking at the wrong things.


what are you talking about with the .5 second silence duration? the length of the skill animation itself is longer, and each projectile is capable of silencing, so maybe you aren’t landing the projectiles despite their aggressive homing properties? at level two, her left and right helices each have immense value throughout a game. the dr is an excellent protective/rescue buff while the lifesteal can allow glass cannons to fully heal themselves with a little coordination. Her melee improvement at level 3, when coupled with a self-buff, allows her to win most fights against actual melee characters. her weapon has an excellent default fire rate and magazine size, her shots wound by default, and her scoped shots penetrate enemies while destroying enemy projectiles.

along with all of these “useless” early game strengths, when she gets to level five she has some of the best wave-clear in the game. are you sincerely complaining that she isn’t an overpowered duelist throughout the match? baffling.


I am judgeing her based on what she can do.

Which is only wound now.

if her wound cant stop miko, then what is she suppose to do exactly?

she has lost all tide turn functionality until lvl 10, where she still has one of the best stuns in the game, but up until then her ult was only ever mediocre and maybe half as good as people like to pretend it is. its only useful if you are already pushing and in motion. otherwise its an unforgiving skill shot with no bite.

The issue is that they hollowed out the core of the character and didnt replace any of that lost functionality leaving her only slightly more versitle then marquois but with much less ability to lane snipe.

litterally even a slow added to fulminate would have sufficed.

Shes a debuffer with a niche situational debuff. she needs something to do for the first half of the game that isnt spam a short lived and mostly useless rate of fire buff that nets her no xp.

the total durration is now divided between each hit, and the homing isnt very aggressive.

her lvl2 left is fake decent, because it is dps based it depends very much on who you gave it to. it CAN work. but 9 out of 10 times its only good for a top off, not a rescue.

her melee lvl3 is rock solid, if they take that away she is unplayable.

default rate of fire is garbage for a low velocity weapon, its mag size is solidly okay. scoped shots would be fine if they actually went were the dot was and did damage. the nerf crippled that too, they should have uped the bonus on it to keep it relivant, now its pointless.

she has to get to lvl5 before she has any wave clear at all, you need xp for that.

when trash minions shrug off your attacks, im not sure how you expect to get the xp to reach lvl5.

after lvl 5 she is pretty middle of the road. 1-4, she is still trash tier with no perpose.

well the total, summed duration of the silence with all her projectiles is still roughly 4 seconds according to the testing when she was changed. and the projectile homing is stupid strong, im not sure where you’re getting non-aggressive but that isn’t true.

I said the dr was a rescue. if you’re “spamming” patient zero then you’re wasting it.

yeah her projectiles are so big you barely need to aim to hit the entire wave, I’m not sure why the occasional projectile deviation somehow breaks her. what bonus on her scoped shot are you talking about? it already goes through everything and wounds for five seconds.

learn to farm? in incursion especially you have an entire team killing the wave. if you’re playing meltdown then you should be getting easy xp with patient zero and your giant clip.

honestly it sounds like you’re trying to carry with her in early-game or something. there are plenty of players who still preform admirably with her regardless of her level. beyond that, there are plenty of other characters that are weak early game but scale better into the late-game. maybe you just need more practice.


the scoped shots damage is based off the regular shot, by nerfing that, they nerfed both, probably without even realizing it, it was hamfisted crowd appeasment.

patient zero is a short lived buff that needs a lot prep to make any use of it. its clunky, and not well implemented. it should probably have just been an aoe cast that hits everyone with some tweaks to its stats, honestly, its just a lack luster version of the eggs with mild vampirism depending heavily on who got it.

her shots when scoped land somewhere between the dot and the ring, this makes every shot something of a guessing game, and is in all reality an oversight and not an intended design element.

essentially, it comes down to a character with deep mechanical flaws that were hidden under high base damage and a utility skill, and now removed are laid bare.

Picking her is a gamble, if the other team doesnt run miko, or to a lesser extent alani, then having picked beatrix is detremental to the team as a whole.

…and if they run kleese or rayna, you might as well drop so you dont feed.

Sounds to me like you don’t know how to engage against Kleese then, Beatrix can mess Kleese up by timing her silence for his mortar strikes, interrupt it and the vast majority of his damage is gone.

After level 5 shooting Kleese will damage his rifts as well and make it so he can’t hold a position indefinitely.

And you still are talking like you’re trying to carry


I never imagined I would read this combination of words in this order.


lol, no. just no. thats actually silly.

while you are waiting on your fulminate to activate, travel, and then maybe seek him, his morters will hit an kill you. its not a proactive skill anymore.

also, he just puts down more rifts. funny that.

i know right? rayna is such a hard counter now that beatrix doesnt have silence its unbelievable.

Guys, like it or not, she is a one trick pony, and that trick is wound.

Big point, I’m not talking about 1v1’s Beatrix is a team fighter

He does, but they’re far less potent when the number of rifts are kept down. This lets your allies have a chance to overwhelm his shield

You can’t anticipate when a Kleese is firing off his mortars? And it also interrupts the skill so if you catch him as he’s firing you can stop most of his damage

To be fair if someone lets me fire off my mortars on my terms and thinks the value of taking out my rifts is so under rated then they’ll lose 90% of the time as well


If i was trixi i would see if u have a cd gear if not i will time my fulminate with ur mortars, every 10 sec when kleese decides to show all his body is for 1 thing.

Mortars are a 10 sec cd


basically, you are just cheer leaders for the nerf and dont want to admit you were wrong.

Thats fine, everybody does it.

But when somebody objectivly tells you how it is, and you insist its not, i have to conclude from that, that none of you have actually played beatrix since the nerf.

you should consider doing it, then come back and have an actual discussion instead of what is very clearly an effort on your part to convence yourself that the changes you sought were non-functional.

That’s a strawman argument, and i could turn it around by suggesting that you are just sour about Beatrix not being overpowered anymore, and came here to cry about it.

However, how about we leave it impersonal, and stick to reasonable and constructive arguments backed by data and facts, yeah?


Well duh!! She is a Support. She was over performing and look i have played trixi