Beatrix Nerf went way to far

Okay now this is just bugging me

We were wrong? So we’re not wrong in the present tense, so did the facts change in the last few minutes?

Objectively, which by the way is not what you’ve been doing. Objective is saying something like “Beatrix does X damage per unscoped shot and Y damage per scoped shot”

I’ve played with her, she’s meant to mess with supports primarily which she still does really well

Very well, I shall endeavor to act with more decorum in this most auspicious of venues, but only if you promise the same


And honestly she now functions as a team player in my experience


From my experience, her ult time is bugged, her silence homing got reduced and sometimes is a fake silence unless all of them hit.

But her dmg is oky, her silence cant stop ai like it used to do and thats ■■■■■■■ awesome! She was a monster clearing heavy pushes alone.

She is in the right spot exept her ult that has random time… From 8 sec to 5-6 at times.


So many wrong things here…

First her scoped shots penetrate, thats a lot of dmg, lets say lvl 1-4 are hell lvls, just like attikus, kleese, dragon, any late bloomer.

She can stop regeneration! All eldrit are screwed when she wound them, anyone with regenerate builds die inside when trixi is in lane.

Silence still screw attikus, montana, rath, shaine, isic, ghalt, toby, wft ultimates, like hardcore.

Her damage is on point for a healer and all her kit is enough to do her job as a support and support her team.

If we dont have a healer i go with life steal and watch on my team behavior to use it when they use aoe skills or charged shots.

Damage reduction to save or when the meeles engage, her ult is kind of meh as how unreliable it is, but still do its job when i want ppl to spread or to tag a minion wave with life steal and heal myself back to full.


Patient 0: Buff your tank/assassin/urself
Fulminate: weak their heavy hitters in 30%
Outbreak: zone a wave or wound everyone


So i hit the nail on the head then.

you’re cheerleaders for the nerf and talking to you is pointless.

you just keep telling me to play the character exactly how i already play her and expect a different result then the one i got.

She is just not competitive and is bottom tier until they give her something to do for the first half of the game.

you can accept that, or dont, it really doesnt matter.

But what exactly do you want?!

All her nerf have a good reason behind them.

Dmg nerf: to high always top for a support, constant damage by her dot and pircing and lvl 5 increased it. I prefer this over changing/remove her plague rat or dd.

Silence: it was the only silence that could last that long, be used from the other side of the map and gave no counter play, no counter play at all!! The homing was so strong i could aim to the sun and fulminate would bend back to earth and hit someone.

Can she buff? Yes
Can she debuff? Yes
Can she help/clear waves? Yes
Can she disrupt? Yes
Can she 1v1 miko? ■■■■■■■ yes!!!


She’s a support. She’s supposed to soften up targets before the big guns move in, and provide backup CC when required. She should not be one of the top damage dealers, or even close.


she doesnt have ANY CC until lvl10

You’re referring to hard CC

Is her damage the only issue you have with her?

Edit: my mistake it is Fulminate :sweat_smile:
I dont understand how it’s any less effective though

No, she has. Even a 0.5 second silence is annoying when it cancelled a skill and puts you in cooldown and she has wound by default which doesn’t only hurt Miko.

Pre nerf Beatrix was a character with the potential of ruining friendships when she was picked in a game. She’s still strong, but can’t shut down a Team completely by herself anymore.

And sorry, I still find 200k damage on a support character stupid.





And that’s at level 1.



He’s being melodramatic (or he just doesn’t know the difference between hard and soft CC)
She is a highly conditional character with terrible single target damage
That is just flat out truth

But she can do amazing damage through application of her different options, skills and helix (still not to single targets)

She still has THE best silence in the game
(Long range/ easy to hit/ still potentially the longest/ very short cooldown) it’s just no longer as ridiculous


As a support should be, or she’d be classified as an assassin/DPS. :slight_smile:

I sometimes really don’t like how supports in this game are amongst those who always are top damage dealers. I see support as “I sacrifice a potential damage dealer in order to do something that makes a 4v5 for my team manageable”. Beatrix, Kid Ultra and Alani don’t fit in there too much sometimes.

The supports imho only need single target damage in single player PvE and I’d prefer if it would just be increased for those scenarios (like the cooldown reduction we already have).


It is. The devs have already mentioned (don’t remember where) that all the characters receive buffs to certain aspects of their kit during PvE.

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I disagree.

I dont want to be a healing station that follows you all the match.

I want to feel like i can defend myself if needed. Even miko, the must healing orientated hero has a nice dps potential.

-gigles- his poison is stronger than melka’s poison.

And the reason for all that dmg is because healers are usually back lines helping clear the wave while even the wave cleaners like thorn and orendi jump to the enemy trying to get kills.

Heroes with high kill ratio usually have low dmg unless they helped with waves, other wise they just kill/dmg a single target at time


I don’t want them to be completely defenseless either. But it’s sometimes just silly with Alani, KU, Beatrix easily outdamaging Oscar Mike by a huge margin.


guys, a situational skill that requires her to get killed to use does not qualify as CC.

you know better then that. you are reaching.

if the best she can do is “annoy” then you have already admited the point. the nerf went to far.

that 200k is a hollow damage that is mostly a love tap on every little thing adding up to an impressive, but useless number.

hell, i got 140k earlier, zero kills, lowest minion kills on the team, did nothing but shoot minions second half of the game after taking PR.

any hard CC qualifies as a silence, and is better. Thats not even remotely debatable.

it seems very much you have fallen in love with the word “support” like it even means a damn thing, like because a character is support it magically is supposed to loose all functionality, all the while non-supports have better versions of the abilities and DPS as well.

exactly, what good is a charicter with no ability to repulse an attack, just to sit back and wait for an attacker to come bail them out.

How so? Clarify.

No. That means the nerf was a success. “annoy” is all she is supposed to do.

What in Oblivion is this?[quote=“Clyde_, post:38, topic:1564475”]
exactly, what good is a charicter with no ability to repulse an attack, just to sit back and wait for an attacker to come bail them out.

That’s a support. The support provides backup for the rest of the team. The rest of the team in turn protects the support.


You weren’t a character designed to get kills but instead were there to help others get those kills
Kinda like you assisted your team
I wonder if theres another word for that

@nbrownlie237 yeah I didn’t get that part either