Beatrix Nerf went way to far

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The range on that Slow is point blank, if you are standing that close as trixie, you were already going to die.

All hard CC have silence built in for the duration of the CC, or did you actually not know that?

im getting the impression that you want a supply station, not a support.

yeah, i had like 19 assists.

course i could have just picked anyone else and actually contributed to the win.


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No. Only Stun does.

Try using it as an escape. Slows enemies, hastens allies. Seems fairly self-explanatory to pop it when a melee character gets up-close and personal.

You had 19 assists, and you think that’s not contributing to the team?

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I’m done here.


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Ah gotcha the wording threw me off

straight up without taking anything else into account
Hard CC>Silence

But can you name a skill that applies a hard CC as well as Fulminate supplies Silence?

Also true in most games bud
Support is a thankless job
It’s always been about indirectly contributing to the win
It’s always a whole hellova lot harder to look like a badass when you don’t get the BIG NUMBERS
It’s the little things


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I cant out dmg an om who focuse on waves @moostacho showed me how it must be done and thats like 100-200+k dmg if he is alone doing it.

But i wont is stupid when those 3 out dmg an orendi, om or thorn. Makes u wonder what have they been doing all the match.


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(Clyde ) #46

incidental hits that attribute an assist hardly qualify as contributing, anybody could do that nomatter who you pick, whats the value of a beatrix, if any other choice could have done the same or better.

All of them now. Fulminate is just an interrupt now, not a silence, it basically has no duration. the better choice would have just been to drop it from 3 to 1 or 2, as it is its usually less then one second unless you hammer the whole thing on them, which is hard to do when they seek to minions as well. who else needs to do that to get an ability to work?

she can hardly wave clear by herself unlike orendi, om or thorn, PR gives a lot of spread out damage, but it doesnt really ever kill anything, while DD kills a few things, it doesnt rack up the damage numbers. im half tempted to go back to PR simply because it puts numbers on the board, even if they are meaningless, its something to show for the effort.


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Well 37 minions while orendi got 49 seems like a nice amount for a support.

12 kills and 3 deads and 107k dmg… The enemy trixi got 106k dmg.

Those are high numbers, your point of her being weak seems weak.


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All of them can as easily cancel a skill in the same way as Fulminate?
(Which is an immensely useful tool btw)
She has to vaguely aim at a target and press a button
The best utility of the CC is its ability cancel skills not prevent them
Sure disabling an escape for 3 seconds is helpful
But cancelling Hailstorm, Mansformation and biosynthesis at the same time while wounding them both with one skill from 100ft away
Or putting any character Ult back on cooldown before they can even use it and before they can even see her
is something only she can do

Just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean it’s not good

I’ve said this before

Ease of use does not reflect a character’s potential


(Clyde ) #49

the issue is lvls 1-4, after 5 she can make do, but the nerf disproportionally harms her early game with no supplement to help her keep up with the team.

shes just not very support like anymore.

wound can only go so far and doesnt give her any xp, and lack of any viable CC skills reduces her to poking everything for the first 10 minutes and hope you get enough assists to get to lvl5 for PR/DD to then be a productive member of the team.

There seems to be this focus on damage as being the issue, its not really about the damage, its about the loss of functionality.

For a “controller” she has very little ability to control.

With wound being the only useful thing she does, she is only as useful as wound is. Basically, it boils down to her needing a CC skill to replace the lost functionality of silence and damage, so that she can do something to help the team pre-midgame that another character cannot do, otherwise she is just a knock off of somebody better and shouldnt have been picked.

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Do you want the video of my match because i saved it, i did not strugled with lvls at all.

Not very supportive? Wound stoped galilea and wft lvl 5 regen helix and miko obviously. I boosted my tank when he used hailstorm, i used it on marquis when shepards showed, i used on orendi when she used shadow pillar (i had life steal as our miko was not healing). I weakened shaine as she deals around 522 dmg to 362 i did that to gali and when wft ulted.

If you ask me i controlled the dmg output of both teams, i ulted heavy miniom waves.

I dont know you man but i controlled the ■■■■■■■ match like the queen she is.


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This might be one of those ‘agree to disagree’ kind of threads.


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It always is…


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pretty sure if we looked it up, that would be in the definition of “forum”



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Forum - a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

Not quite :wink: