Beatrix player pet peeves

Those greedy or selfish Beatrixs…
Please stop buffing yourself when you’re the only support on the team. And please consider that “life steal” for your patient zero too, it helps the team if you can give us some life steal and attack speed increase.
I’m glad you know how to snipe and solo, but you are a better asset to the team when you work with us. :weary:

My pet peeves when I’m actually playing her is:
When you target an ally with patient zero at point blank range but for some reason it “misses”.
And also when you use Outbreak but nobody on your team capitalizes on it :disappointed_relieved:

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Missing my allies even though they are right in front of me is why I don’t play her in PvP. I can’t even succeed in helping my roommates out in the story modes efficiently. So I’m selfish without meaning to. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Or they just run away from you because SHINY TARGET!


There needs to be a better indication of when patient zero is applied, unless you are chatting with the person the only thing you get is the red bars but in the heat of the action you can easily by pass it and make it go to waste.

Also the ability is worse than Reynas overshield when it comes to latching on to people, so bad it makes you greedy 80% of the time by default


Omg yes! I have what some may dub “support guilt” and I can’t help but feel horrible and ashamed when that happens because then I DO look like a selfish Bea. I’ve had those little heart twinge pains on several occasions of diamond advanced hardcore runs because of this especially if someone died.

I quit playing Reyna for a while and picked her up yesterday. It worked flawlessly and I can’t help but wonder if they didn’t eek in a tweak for that. It’s that or Bea has made me better at landing it on the fly.

I think they should implement a visual effect for Beatrix similar to Reyna/Alani.

Reyna’s targeting was improved

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I’m not too fond of how fidgety her targeting is. It’s pretty unwieldy, and even when I’m cooperating with my friend I often miss him for no real reason.

There’s no indicator of any kind to show you’re targeting an ally, is there? Like Alani. If there is, I feel like I’m missing it.

I thought there might’ve been a small WHITE glowing outline around friendlies (regardless of your team colour) but I could be wrong. When I thought I saw that I hadn’t had much sleep that day. :sweat:
I’ll check the next time I play her today.

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Seriously, whatever they did with Reyna they need to Implement to Beatrix. Her old over shield latch on mechanic was a nightmare at times

What platform are you playing on, I’ve already played past character rank 20 on Beatrix and I’ve never missed Patient Zero up close - however I have had it be blocked by objects/walls when using it on high mobility characters. (I play on PS4)

Also the selfish Beatrix is a tricky issue. (Fair warning - I think I may be this selfish beatrix with playing with randoms) The issue here is whenever I play with randoms, they don’t capitalize on Patient Zero (just like Beatrix’s ult.) Typically I’ll use it on someone and they’ll either run away or over extend and die instantly. So as a selfish Beatrix I use it to be the primary wave clear and use it sparingly on teammates (mainly when I know they won’t be stepping out of battle - ISIC/whiskey ults, montana at full health etc.).

This all gets thrown out the window when playing with friends because there is the communication to support timing of your skills. Just trying to share my opinion on how a selfish Beatrix isn’t nearly as bad as a selfish KU or something.

There is an indicator, though it is rather hard to see (had to hop on after coffee to be sure I wasn’t hallucinating due to not being awake). Three faint greenish orbs circling


I play on the PS4, and I admit last night’s run was far more successful with Patient Zero hitting its target. Pendles was terrifying. But I also wasn’t trying to hit him from up close, they were all distance shots which I would assume would be harder to land but they worked the best. I’ll just have to keep practicing I guess. :slight_smile:

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I’ve found (playing a very support based Trixie) that at a mid to long range it actually seems easier to land. Maybe it’s more forgiving at longer range?

Yeah, I’ve started wondering that now too.
From afar it seems to have more successful hits

Playing on PC here. I got her to rank 20 too and have had issues with the targeting for Patient Zero no matter who I tried using it on.

I think some people don’t know how to use Patient Zero yet or even notice they have it. All it does is give you those two red bars beside your reticle, it’s pretty difficult to miss. Hopefully there will be a better tell for when you’ve been buffed.
The selfish Beatrix stuff I’m on about is those people who use it on themself more often than not - like you can hear the clicking sound of the syringe coming out and spraying her. She’s not that great with the buff unless she’s finishing someone off. I’ve mostly used pz on someone who’s already in the middle of a battle to give them a kick, I found they’re less likely to run away… though sometimes they still do and it’s a little awkward lol.
You use it for wave clearing? I haven’t really found Beatrix useful for that stuff :hushed: I’ll have to give it another try.

Yeah that is true, it definitely is easy to miss-I always give vocal ques when giving PZ.

This is where we differ - We must play Beatrix differently. I’ve considered making an in-depth guide to Beatrix but I need to spend more time analyzing her ultimate. Anyways, I almost always end with the highest damage output on my team and its not uncommon for me to end with the most kills as Beatrix. (I’ve won ~50 of the 60 games I’ve played with her too).

I started a thread a while back about the different ways to play beatrix and if you’re playing her full support (CDR, HP/s, etc), it would be more beneficial to only use PZ on teammates. However, I play her as DPS/wave clear (competing with even Orendi in wave clear potential-in my opinion).

I find it very unlikely she can compete with orendi in waveclear, Her damage is not just not good enough and she has no AOE, in what way could she be one, if not only a mediocre one

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Plague rat + pz spray the wave especially if you tag with her ult. You would be surprised just how fast she can melt a wave if she is built for it. Haven’t played since the update but had a Melka hiding close to a wave to sneak up… she died before she could escape without even being directly hit

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I guess I should clarify, Beatrix post level 5. Her comparison to Orendi is simply an opinion of mine. I would suggest you try her DPS build out and at level 5 try her wave clearing. I haven’t timed it or anything but it seems as fast as it takes a shadowfire pillar to fire.

Edit: long story short, you never know till you try.