Beatrix player pet peeves

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Even without her ult, her wave clearing potential is well respected in the PS4 community I’m a part of. Her ult is great for melting double thralls+Big boy bot waves though.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #22

Plague rat? Wouldn’t be better to do double dose.

Honestly post level 5, I could see it working but, to waste a abilityand one that would be better to support teammates, and use a outbreak on a wave just seems less of help than to debuffing and supporting but @Beatrix I’ll try it

(PSN: Umbra073) #23

Do plague rat, I was a huge advocate for double dose the first week. Looking at the numbers though, plague rat can get Beatrix’s damage dealt in a full incursion match to 200k. Double double I average maybe 100k for a normal match, plague rat is about a 50% increase on average.

Important to note: these are estimates, I haven’t put together any hard numbers-just acknowledged the correlation.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #24

Ok got it, personally I like Plague rat better anyway

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(Keadron) #25

Lol for some reason players don’t seem to notice my outbreak when I put it on minion and just spread it around :slight_smile: you’re right her ult isn’t needed for wave clear but if I know the enemy is trying to guard/heal their minions it gets them constantly… they want the overshield from the Shepard which gives the outbreak also

(Keadron) #26

Double dose is good if you want to run more support based because of wound. If you want to go dps use plague rat

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That’s a good idea. I just don’t run CDR or anything (and maybe suffer from too-good-to-use syndrome) so I only use Outbreak on stacked waves or on mobile characters (if i can land it) like boulder, thorn, orendi, caldi, etc.

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^ RT

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(Keadron) #29

Don’t blame you at all. I only use it on a wave if I think it will get players. I’ve yet to have a time when popping it on the sentry didn’t get most of the team. On minion waves just varies on the players. If you notice them actually escorting their wave give it a try. I think you will be surprised how often they are looking at your team and don’t notice the outbreak

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(Jabrielthomas) #30

Yeah, thankfully Reyna was fixed in the winter Update.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #31

Wait, wouldnt plague rat still be better in buffing a teammate even more, because it does not take long to shoot two people

(Keadron) #32

Plague rat doesn’t buff only add aoe damage. Double dose will spread would much better. Tagging the sniper/Montana standing at the corner will also tag the miko/ Ambra hiding behind the wall with wound

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #33

Oh I meant in helping a melee, but yeah Its just that applying wound to two targets is rather quick to do

(Keadron) #34

If you take the infection at level one with plague rat it will hurt the person attacking your melee under pz. The true strength of double dose is its ability to keep an entire team wounded constantly. Plague rat won’t be able to wound enemies hiding or retreating while double dose can.

Edit plague rat doesn’t spread infection, just flat damage. In case anyone reading this was confused :slight_smile:

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(Ambra's Arbiter) #35

I suffer from support guilt even when playing assassins. I recently tanked hits for an escaping Oscar Mike as WF after getting back with full health, and escaped with 8 health but saved his life (ironic characters, ik)

(free HUGS) #36

A lot of people were saving PZ for themselves because of UBER MELEE TRIXIE. It’s still effective, but not as much as it was

But yeah, i’m probably considered selfish when i use her in a group of randoms. I die a little inside watching people sprint away from a fight while PZ’ed or just completely over-extending and getting wrecked. Fwiw if i PZ you and you seem to know how to leverage it, i’ll keep hitting you with it

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #37

That’s symbolic epicender, your new job as whiskey is to protect oscar mike on your team no matter what

(Ambra's Arbiter) #38

I take the 30% damage reduction and play lifesaver Reyna-style and tank protector, as well as assassin insurer. Probabaly really hard to notice though, considering you get nothing for saving lives

You can play her support or crippler (includes minions). I’ve played both. The former felt more satisfying, but the latter was fun with a decent team.

I agree with everything else but this. Seems perhaps a bit of an exaggeration to me, may not be if I’m building her wrong. She’s certainly strong but Orendi is crazy after the legendary buffs and nihilism

How do yall feel about ulting a sentry? It seems to spread outbreak like crazy because of the close proximity and large model

I’d leave but showing you his beautiful glutes would be far too kind :pensive:

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(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #39

What I say lol

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As far as the orendi stuff, maybe i’m just not as familiar. Orendi is far better DPS especially on battleborn. I meant minion waves exclusively-not thralls/battleborn.
I typically ult the sentry.