Beatrix player pet peeves

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Hmm. I suppose there’s a chance. I find I can usually pillar ult nullify pillar and deal a couple thousand damage in the right spot. Orendi is two parts, burst and area damage. Most play her burst. My philosophy I won’t explain here because it’s lengthy leads me to the latter, and it can be ridiculous how much aoe damage she deals. I’ve neutered over shielded wave with Thrall and a super minion many times. Most fun was playing this way against some of the forumers for my first time like this. Makes choke Points free kills. Except against eden, as her response was to go behind me because why not, she’s Mellka (still my goal to kill her one day)


No likes left so :heart:

Btw, are you the player I met because I complimented your great Pendles on Monuments? Or was that someone else?

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That was me :slight_smile: I’d like to think I’ve gotten better with him too.

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Glad you’d be on my side haha

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Yeah of course man! I haven’t seen you on in forever.

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I’ll be around soon. I find I plateau if I’m not actively seeking out new games to learn from. Overwatch taught me to manage cooldowns. Kingdom Hearts to bait. Smash to predict. Once I finish map awareness from Paragon I’ll be back. Then I need to head back to Furi to remind me to treat everything like a raid boss.
People always seem to treat games as separate concepts, which always seems inaccurate when they all share the same base qualities. Hmm. Reminds me partly of why I love Ambra. My family motto states that knowledge holds dominion over the stars, which I’ve always found amusingly fitting

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takes notes furiousley and then what sensei? Can I try for my yellow belt next week?

Seriously though that’s some interesting stuff you put down there epi

Edit: holy crap I figured out how to italicize things! Cool!