Beatrix Skins and Taunts

Hey everyone! So I’m like totally in love with Beatrix… Like my FAVORITE was Deade, but sadly that has changed because Beatrix is amazing. This post is for anyone who’s plays Beatrix to post anything they have won for her and what not along with tips or tricks they have for her. I have her at level 16 now and I’m almost done with her lore. In my opinion the most fun think to do while playing… is taunting people. Yes, I’m that ■■■■■■■ who taunts every time I kill you. Lol, anyways, I love her taunt you get at level 15, it’s the greatest thing. However I saw a picture of her in game and she was laughing with her weapon glowing green and now I’m wondering if there is another taunt in her Jenerit loot packs. I got the one in a loot pack that makes her kiss Professor but is there another? Please let me know along with any cool skins I may not have or any amazing tips. Thanks guys. :slight_smile: <3

The taunt “Medical Etiquette” is my favourite, I like using it after I successfully kill a player who had previously been desperately trying to kill me.
Here’s how it looks:

I got it from a loot pack :wink:

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That’s awesome. I will probably never get it now since they removed the ability to purchase the packs. ;( Ugh, maybe luck will be on my side.

Oh, I received some from levelling Jennerit heroes and doing OPS.
I hope you get it too :dizzy_face:

Nonsense! Just farm an 100 Op Point runs with any Jennerit character! :slight_smile:

Dunno why. But I stil stick to the Positive Reinforment taunt. And have yet to switch out her default skin. Like it too much.

Does anyone have the all white skin from a pack and can post a pic? Tried googling to no avail.

I have all but Beatrix, is there one you’re looking for in particular-I can post a pic of that skin.

The one for her. She’s got to have one, right? You know what skin I mean right? Not the purple/yellow, mauve/navy… White or white/silver? I hope somebody has it.

which one?

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Yay thanks! The top one. I don’t love it as much as I thought I would but I’m glad to see that it does in fact exist.