Beatrix thoughts and bugs

couldn’t find the Beatrix section.

so yeah, trixy is OP as ----. just as op as Alani on release. thats all i have to say about her atm.

bug i noticed, if you take her xtra zoom at lvl 3 “physician’s eye” it makes everything blurry. background, retical, and enemies. i encountered it in the story mission “the experiment”, and its the only time i ever took it.


Yeah she’ll get a nerf which I think was suspected after the stream

Didn’t notice the blurry zoom, but I’ll check it out

Overall I thought she was a lot of fun, confused on some of her helix choices, didn’t see their use but her dialogue is good and her taunts are great.

I can’t wait to test out some more load outs for her and see what is optimal.

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I made this as a placeholder until they make a section for her

I really don’t see much OP


A silence at level 1, homing projectiles, etc. She’s tough. And she’s got more health than she likely needs. I’m scared to see what her helix mutations are.

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she also has no escape, she’s slow, and her damage isn’t great. if you get her in a fight, you have the advantage. if you let her freecast from a mile away, of course you are going to suffer for it.


I think they only should reduce the life steal option, 40% is huge even if it for a limited duration. This alone makes it extremely hard to gank because with a couple of shots she can steal large amount of health and run to safety. Other than that, she is very balanced IMO.


She’s a big Toby counter, because she can harass him at range, while easily avoiding Toby’s shots with her relatively small frame; just like Marquis and WF. Also, i could be wrong, because i only had time for a few matches last night, but it would appear that she can hit through Toby’s forcefield. At least… SOMETHING was hitting me through my forcefield last night.

In other words: I hate her, and hope she burns to the ground. Cool taunts though…


Pfffft. I’m not done with you yet, Toby.



Toby runs off, screaming.


She needs some reduction on health and length of cc. Otherwise, completly fine in my oppinion. (And I don’t have the season pass or her yet)


Silence with cooldown reduction gear and cooldown helix. Way too much long range easy hit quick spam silence. And she does tons of dmage.

Hello. I am so very sorry if this has been answered already but I have a bit of stupid question in regards to two helix. Can someone clarify something for me?

  1. In Helix 3 left helix says "Beatrix uses her injector to melee targets"
    Is it supposed to change her gun into a club? Because mine stays a gun

Or am I reading helix wrong? How do you melee with her injector? i can shoot and zoom. i cant melee. unless the quick melee button is what they are talking about? Anyone know how long life steal lasts?

  1. In Helix 5 the right choice gives you +15% melee damage. Im assuming they want you to stack helix 3 and 5 for mega melee damage. But it only affects quick melee or is there a certain way to use the needle as a melee weapon? I can only shoot and zoom on ps4

Level 3 is just referring to how she quick melees. Without that helix, she does a sort of swipe as her quick melee, with the helix she directly jabs with the needle, along with the bonus leech and damage.

Anybody know how her lvl 5 mutation works? The one that richichets the shot? What’s making me confused by it is the fact her shots already go through targets (which is why @HandsomeCam would be getting hit even with your shield up) so when would the bullet richochet? It seems like a mediocre helix

But imo so far (with my 2 games of her in pvp) she could probably use a bit of toning back but otherwise relatively balanced. She just brings a lot to the table as a character


Thank you; now i know i wasn’t crazy. I here by label her Toby’s biggest counter, since she can do this.

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I dont find her op…

Her dmg is low and her hip bullets are slow, that shining beam lets you see if you are being targeted.

The silence is meh, she got me a couple of times but nothing crazy to call her op (runing toward a minion wave to nullify and got in the middle).

Yes she can spam her skills but is not that great, the homing slims are sloooow. So far im not impresed.

What actually annoyes me is how usless melka poison became, is more a simple annoyance than a real threat


Thorn can punch through your shield with Draw Strength helix, do more damage, inflict 144 bleed, and can nuke with Volley + WotW at close range, particularly the former since it’s easy to hit all arrows on him. She’s Toby’s biggest counter IMO, even if she does disintegrate if you land a stun mine on her.

Huh… Never had a problem from a Thorn myself, maybe cause i usually take off at least a third of her health when i hit her, and she runs off; WF is CURRENTLY my biggest counter, cause he keeps pushing me out of lane quickly, even if he rarely kills me.

I MAY have jumped the gun declaring Beatrix, because i’ll only fought her in four matches thus far…

I run up against Daawg, Halo, BakaSenpai, and Mitsuya often in Incursion, and all of them have used Thorn against me, and all of them have been tremendous pains whenever they do it. As always, your mileage may vary.