Beatrix thoughts and bugs

Yeah, none of those names sound familiar, and we are usually on at different times, so that’s not surprising.

Oh boy, take the infection spread mutation at level 5 and watch her go. It’s a little silly. I haven’t tried sticking skill damage on her but I’m sure like mellka’s venom it is buffed by skill damage, put Bola’s on her and laugh like an idiot.

Anyways, here are my early impressions. I like her mixup, but she’s got a few things that deserve some immediate addressing:

  • Let’s just get this out of the way: such an easy access, easily targetable Silence is not something that should exist in this game currently. Did the opposition pick any channel skills, in particular ultimates? You’ve just cut their legs off. You can’t even do something as simple as reduce the Silence duration, that’s obnoxious anyways but what’s crippling is the interrupt, and it’s such a versatile and reliable delivery compared to the next closest skills like Gally shield or Sublimate. So it needs to go, as loathe as I am to remove a unique aspect of the character.

  • That quick melee helix, hoo boy. That’s actually some really nice, easily obtainable life steal for a support character who is supposed to be not great at sustaining themselves (by this I mean not possessing a traditional healing/protecting skill). She can very easily self-Patient Zero, walk into a wave (maybe after spreading Fulminate) and walk back out all rosy-cheeked. And a nasty surprise for any melee characters with easy crit boxes who think they’ve caught her unawares. Again, I don’t want to reduce the number of unique aspects to her but the lifesteal percentage might need to go down by 25%.

  • Quarantine might be a bit too much of a gut punch, as it’s effectively AOE damage that follows you. Potentially the highest damaging ult in the game, I think, Voxis Core is a natural fit for it. I’ve been lucky enough to not encounter anyone making good use of her level 10 stun yet, but I don’t look forward to it. It also punishes good team play like protective body blocking alongside the support camp meta it was meant to disrupt, which is unfortunate, but that’s a design flaw that can’t really be corrected without reworking the ult entirely, which I don’t want.

Anyways, still really early in the game and people are enamored with Chaos Rumble right now which isn’t giving us a very good picture of how she’s going to fit in, but these things stood out to me after only just a few games playing as or against her.

It’s not really a ricochet, it just turns her normal shots into mini-Quarantine. Hitting a target applies infection not just to that target but nearby ones as well. Try hitting a single bot in a wave with that choice active and watch what happens. It makes Plague Rat feel like a bit of a trap option, while the damage ticks are better, it just hits enemies around the initial target, whereas the infection mutation will make infection spread to those enemies, who will spread infection to the rest of them.

You could still take Plague Rat and just sweep the waves and get similar results with higher damage, but there’s more ammo investment that way. I can tag the wave and then turn the rest of my clip elsewhere until it needs to be tagged again.

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Your god damn lucky you don’t recognize those names :slight_smile:

I think she isn’t that hard of a counter to Toby considering all she can do really is pen your force shield but it would make the match definetly harder to have her on the other team

See I was playing her with bolas and hadn’t noticed a damage amp in pve from her infection triggering. Which if it doesn’t makes (fulminate?) her most reliable way of proccing the dam amp. Which is fine because a pull or stun followed up by her silence effect and that amp from bolas is basically a guaranteed kill. Not to mention wounding said target as well.

She by herself is ok. But her helixes really jack up her utility. She seems like a perfect fit if you fill out a comp with healer tank wave clear and assassin. The ultimate 5th pick I would say

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She may have high damage at the end of a match and be broken as hell, but her primary doens’t do nearly enough damage to be a problem for Toby. Whiskey and Ghalt are examples of Toby counters.

this supposes the enemy team lets yous freecast into them all game. Sorry, but if you’ve been facing teams that let you go around meleeing groups of minions and not punished you for it, I don’t think those are the kind of players you can base anything off of.

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It’s less about minions and more that, with P0 and her melee helix, Beatrix can reliably outfight rath in close quarters, as she outheals and outdamages him, and his ult is duration based so she can just Fulminate it away if she isn’t Catalyzed first.

rath has sweeping attacks whereas beatrix melee turns into a stab. he can juke around you with ease, rath is much faster both in actual speed and attack speed. sure, you can boost yourself for a few seconds, but I highly doubt we are going to see any decent raths outmeleed by beatrix.

Those are hard counters though. All you need to counter Toby is to pressure him out of his position and while it’s unlikely that Beatrix will out right kill him her shots go through his shield and wound him which weakens his regen. If Toby chooses to stay with his shield til it dies he is already taking damage to the point where you have hit his hp


That silence is just like a heal but better. Nothing is more efficient than outright blocking incoming damage. To me what sets it above a healing skill is it can be like a huge burst heal that is instant if you think about the incoming damage it can block. What makes it also better than a lot of heals is unlike a heal it can also shut down a lot of defensive skills. I honestly don’t know what they were thinking. Beatrix is worse the release day alani.

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Her health steal on melee needs to be toned down a bit. 75 percent is alot when it also increases melee damage. Other than that she feels to be in the right spot.

Mind you, it’s from a PvE perspective, so my view may be a bit skewered.

Melee Beatrix has the advantage. There’s no point in even using the scope on her injector… she’s barely a sniper.

She has 75% lifesteal on quick melee, plus 40% from Patient Zero… which should be around 115% lifesteal. So 200~ hp a second? She can spam quick melee and face tank dps characters like Attikus, Phoebe, and Ghalt. It’s painful.

Not to mention many other bonuses for melee attacks on Patient Zero, her E-Z silence, among other atrocities. She’s far from OP, but absolutely makes playing some of my favourites a pain.

I think Trix is mostly fine. (And I have literally ONLY been playing Miko. And I know I’ve faced some good Trix’, but I’m just a good Miko.)

Maybe the life steal is a bit too high. Maybe they should try 30%?
The 75% life steal on her melee needs to be brought down, like everyone says.

I think that skill that can silence(I’m not good with her skill names yet) should deal less damage. Or it shouldn’t home in to targets.

Other than that, I don’t have that much trouble with her (yet) and I wouldn’t put her into the list of extremely OP characters.


Also, I tested it out on some enemies in one of the Ops. Her quick-melee can also crit for ~500 damage, while her scoped shots crit for ~200.

Good thing is apparently her scoped shots pierce through enemies, don’t know about character shields though. (Meaning Boldur shield, not recharging shield.)

Does anyone know if helix 2 applies to the solo player at all?

…why would they make an entire helix level that doesn’t affect you? (You can use Patient Zero on yourself, as shown quite explicitly on the stream, and as described in the ability.)

Yes, it does. Any effects applied to Patient Zero apply to yourself as well if you use it on yourself.

If anything, this is where a reduction in her health pool could be argued. It’s a great choice for a fighting chance against melee in pvp.

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Because of the way it’s worded and the way Kid Ultra came out, his skills did not apply to him in Solo.
I’ve tested her many times now and still don’t think this works Solo.

…But I’ve not been able to see any Life Steal.