Beatrix thoughts and bugs

Really? I swear I saw life steal when I was playing her solo, but I did a good deal of co op matches and only a couple solo last night. I know for a fact it works when I injected myself in co op. Let me double check.

…I just got the mutation so I’m testing that next, thanks.

I’m gonna hippo the other replies and answer in my own way. Before the helix, her melee is a swipe/slap. After, she stabs with her augmented arm instead. It’s not a sustained life steal. It is an instant bulk heal you receive. Stab and run, son!

…Crackin up :smile:

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Unless you’re scoped and without shields AND missing hp, you wouldn’t notice a ton of healing and I haven’t tried that in the dojo yet. Anyways, That’s where the melee life steal shines. The mutation is best solo or wave clearing.
Leech therapy is amazing on Rath,Deande.

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I am absolutely noticing life steal on the effect. It’s just not massive because her regular fire is slow ish and doesn’t do a ton of damage, even with the effect from Patient Zero.

As creautions said, it’s better in co op with someone who can burst damage or fires incredible fast. Rath can basically facetank the sentry’s fire if Beatrix is just constantly spamming Patient Zero on him.


…Just tested it on Warlord Nix, yep, it was noticeable.

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I encourage everyone to play melee beatrix. everyone else willl thank you :wink:

excempt maybe your teammates :smirk:

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It dose problem is if you ads the 75% damage increase dose not apply nor dose the extended dot duration. Basically ricochet is only good of your using a non ads build as its going to cost you dps over the aoe damage.

The biggest bug I notice is when you ADS crit as her no sfx playes. Idk why but I never hear anything I just see the yellow #

If you take the +240 shield at 3, which you absolutely should, Toby can absorb a good amount of Beatrix’s scoped pew=pew. The much bigger problem is that her projectiles have collision properties, like Kleese’s, and she can destroy your shots as they approach by firing at your railgun. Kleese does the same thing, which makes it impossible for a Toby to shoot him long-range.

Late response, I know.

Shockingly, Infection doesn’t count as Skill damage, and neither do the ticks on Plague Rat. Attack Damage does affect Infection, but ticks are low enough that that’s not a great investment, I stacked roughly +30% attack damage and ended up with 11 damage per tick instead of 8. Also, Plague Rat can’t be affected by any +damage stat.

By the way I take back what I said about Plague Rat, if you want a Beatrix that wave clears, that’s the way to go.


Double Dose, all day long.

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This is exactly what i meant, and why i say Beatrix IS a hard counter, because although she doesn’t have as much stopping power against Toby as Marquis and Whiskey, she can hit him through his forcefield quite easily, which keeps Toby from being able to safely utilize his forcefield’s damage and speed buffs; I’M sure as hell not gonna sit there and take the 450 damage that my shield does, before it goes down. I can easily get a shot or two on Marquis or Whiskey with my shield up before they can start damaging me, and that’s usually enough to scare them off before they do any health damage. Beatrix, though? She can hit me as i hit her, and although i can tank more damage, a good Beatrix strafing and shooting me through my forcefield as i shoot at her has been doing more to keep me out of lane than either Marquis or Whiskey since she released; she rarely kills me like Marquis or Whiskey (only if she steals it off someone else, really), but she’s damaging me before my shot is even charged and on it’s way, which pushes me out of lane quicker if i miss my first two shots and scare her off. THAT’S why i say she’s Toby’s biggest counter now; because, to me, a “hard” counter doesn’t have to be a character that can easily kill your character, it’s a character that constantly harasses you and keeps you on the move. Which, of course, is the worst possible thing for Toby; his biggest potential outside of stunning and two-shotting everything is setting up a roost and putting devastating damage downrange. Beatrix has been making that harder for me than any other character since she released, and effectively removes my shield from play without actually REMOVING it. She also seems to fair better in close quarters than Marquis, provided i don’t stun and kill her right off the bat.


VoZF + Self-PZ + Plague Rat is kind of gross, you just sweep the wave and it’s gone.

She can work against bad melee, however :wink:
(also shows just how bad outbreak aiming is. Ya I know, you wouldn’t use it on one person, but I wanted to see if it would hit him)

Beatrix is an absolute monster! Love her!!! I’m now completely torn between her and Ambra!!! :weary:

That’s disappointing

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It is, but in some ways it’s refreshing, makes her feel a bit different from the other DoT reliant characters.

I’m more confused that Plague Rat is completely unalterable. It doesn’t have any scaling with level, either.

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I wasn’t hoping for an amp in damage
Just the old synergy with Bola’s