Beatrix thoughts and bugs

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No offence, but… both you and that Boldur are pathetabad at melee. If you’re an OG melee (me), melee Beatrix is unholy.

Plus, there really isn’t a situation (skill notwithstanding) that a sniper can beat a melee tank in a melee.

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lol, apparently missing once is “pathetabad”. Ok OG. Maybe you should change your name to OP, because beatrix is not.


Alright, coming back around full circle.

Due to Double Dose bouncing her shots for the same damage and applies Infection too, and the fact that her normal damage can scale with gear and leveling (and thus so does Double Dose) and Plague Rat does not.

If Plague Rat scaled or did more damage initially it would be a competitive choice because it can spread to more targets per shot, but right now Double Dose is just better at everything.

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Called it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wonder if PR stacks
Something like 4 targets
Shoot Target A spreads to BCD
Shoot B spreads to ACD
Shoot C spreads to ABD
Shoot D spreads to ABC

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You missed four times, and should have missed MANY hits, were it not for Beatrix’s insanely large melee hitbox. Did you notice how many hits looked like they should have missed, but ended up hitting anyway? Also, you only got two critical hits…and you didn’t circle-strafe at all (you basically stood still) and were being circle-strafed the entire time.

Far from good.

Never said a thing about her being OP, I just annoyed that the new “sniper” performs best as melee character.

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They need to add a cd thats all

(Jedc750) #68

totally. except actually looking at it shows just about every hit being right on target, so there’s that theory out the window. I essentially moved just as he did in the opposite direction, so saying he did something and I didn’t is grasping at those straws. Can’t wait for yours where you go around killing gliding bennedicts and vaulting mellkas as melee miko though :wink:

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At 12, 17, and 21 you missed. Watch your own conent, please. I thought the third to last hit was a miss (bc hitbox), so there’s that. It was actually three misses.

You basically walked in a tiny circle and stood still occasionally, then back-peddled for a little bit, all while Boldur ran in circles around you. But yeah, it was an exaggeration that you stood still. I was just annoyed.

We are discussing your ability to play melee from the video you posted, not whether or not I can kill characters that are excessively difficult to kill with melee attacks while playing ranged supports. Besides, stun spore + Symbiotic Gauntlet + SEoA + quick melee spam = dead Benedict.

Don’t turn this into a flame war, I don’t have the patience for it.

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I do watch my own content. that’s how I knew you were wrong. I make an offhand comment in response to your superiority complex, and you actually had to go back and count (and get it wrong) to try to “show me up” or something.

for the better part of the video when he moves one way, I move the other, the movement is almost the same. again, drop the straws. I have more reach than he does so if I can hit him while moving away, what do you expect, that I’m going to start doing cartwheels over his head just because?

why, did someone insult you too? oh no wait.

I was posting a video I made at the spur of the moment when I saw boldur coming towards me because it fit with the topic. Who knows what you were doing.

You’re the OG, man. Obviously if you’re mocking others while touting how good you are, you wouldn’t be meleeing with someone like Rath or Phoebe, no that would be too easy. you probably have some sick Alani melee multikills or something

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Why take all of this so personally? I really don’t have the patience for this.

Edit: I’m sorry for insulting you. I had a really bad day at work today, and I’m just too tired and too frustrated to be polite about anything right now.

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@arcaneredneck @jedc750

Thats enough from both you. The amount of snark and condescension oozing from either of you is not wanted.
Take it to friendly PMs if you must.

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Lvl 4 right helix choice gives her and nearby allies 50% movement speed, and her legendary gives up to 20% movement speed based on ammunition in clip.[quote=“dantesolar, post:17, topic:1554531”]
Her dmg is low

I’ve put out 220k damage with her in a single match. Higher than my Benny and Ghalt top damages.

Every single shot from Fulminate can silence for 3 seconds each.

Also according to a kill feed earlier, Plague Rat and her normal infection both deal their own damage, so I had taken around 300 from her normal Infection and 200~ from Plague Rat.

I like her to be honest, but some of her aspects in PVP just make her feel slightly OP. Her silence is slightly homing and since every shot can silence she can potentially silence an entire team if they are close enough.

The 40% lifesteal may feel like a little much on her buff, but it does only apply to one person at a time, and they need to be hitting something to heal so I don’t think it needs changed much.

The melee lifesteal coupled with it though is just ungodly strong for survivabilty, so at least change the lifesteal down to 50% and MAYBE make it slightly slower than it already is.

Also I havent seen a Beatrix get to lvl 10 in PVP yet, but I feel like the 3 second ult stun would be the deadliest thing in the game, since you an potientially ult a weak minion and kill it to stun everything around it.

Also GBX has already admitted they don’t know how to make support characters.

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A very short burst, and Prescription Affliction is just better.

This is due to wave clear abilities, hitting other battleborn, you’re not getting that extra damage on them.[quote=“tolkenwhiteboy78, post:73, topic:1554531”]
Every single shot from Fulminate can silence for 3 seconds each.
Haven’t really had much of a problem against this to be honest.

Double Dose is just so much better

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To out DPS Benny, or Ernest (both of which are wave clearers) is still slightly ridiculous.

I disagree because her reload is short, and if you need to reload faster reload gear that gives reload after using a skill is almost an instant reload anyways.

Just because there’s a different choice doesn’t still negate the idea that the other doesn’t need touching up, and if the other choice is so much better, maybe it needs toned down too.

Also for a Sniper class character at lvl 8 she 1765 hp with a 300 shield compared to Whiskey, who has 1546 hp with a 300 shield at lvl 8. (Was playing an OPS with a friend and that’s why those two are being compared. Feel free to add more HP comparisons.

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It’s funny, it’s always the nerf sayers who say they are being insulted, when everybody is insulting each other in the situation. Saying someone’s character they are winning as Op, is implying that you don’t think it’s the opponent’s skill that is making them win. Or alternatively, that if they can’t do well as the character, that they are bad. AKA, “I think I should be winning! You aren’t that good! It’s just the character!” or “Wow, you suck as them, what are you doing?!”

See? Insulting on both sides. You claim that we’re the ones insulting you, but the fact is, we’re just defending ourselves against your insults.

Whenever I lose, I always assume it is due to another players skill (unless I was dog piled three to one, but that’s on my team, anyways). I have never wanted a character nerfed. No matter how mad I got, or how many times I lost. Hell, I didn’t even know what nerf meant in gaming before Battleborn. My perferomance as Beatrix is the same as it is with KU, Oscar, Caldy, Attikus, the Tobster, Benny and Etc.

She doesn’t seem overpowered in my experience. Not in contrast to some other characters at least. It’s like Pendles all over again: we just have to wait for people to get the hang of it. Both against them, and as them. If she seems too strong after a week or more, then think about nerfing. And by nerf, I don’t mean knock her to the ground. I mean Bit by bit. Maybe 200 less health, or no lifesteal stacking with Bloodshot and patient zero. Everything else she has isn’t game breaking.

Give me an example of how you think Beatrix should preform? Because so far, I haven’t seen a Beatrix that stood out more than any other Battleborn. How many of the Beatrixs that win do you think are actually good? How many do you think earned their victory? You can’t claim that every person who plays as Beatrix is winning just because of her character. If 5 Beatrixs can’t beat 2 mikos, an ISIC, Thorn, and one Beatrix, how is she OP? If she was, they should’ve won easily against Miko’s pocket healing. They lost, badly. (Seen it happen. Will get the picture if I must.)

With the way Battleborn does these nerfs, you have to be an expert with these characters to even use them. I don’t feel like that’s good for Battleborn. You shouldn’t have to be godly as the character in order to just play as them. Like some Battleborn (Cough)(Cough) El’ Dragon and Marquis (Cough)!

Hell, if I put the effort into it as Boldur? It’s just disgusting… :expressionless:

But hey, I didn’t mind Marquis cheesing the sentry either! So what do I know?! After all, like Beatrix says, “There is no right or wrong, only popular opinion!”

Just give it a week. We’re still learning how to deal with the Character.

Later nerds.

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Yeah, and because Marquis is so much worse than Trixxy, I feel her Mag needs a nerf. She can reload faster, has less recoil, and faster fire rate when ads-ing compared to Marquis. Therefore, the Mag size could be reduced by 6 or so.
Marquis is not that hard to play. As a Mellka main, and a slight Thorn main, I find Marquis quite easy, although his mag size is small, and thus he is balenced. However, if he ain’t getting buffed, then Trixxy could use a slight nerf to mag size. Also, her max mag is 24. Marquis’ is 8. WTF. They deal close to same damage.


Beatrix is definitely better than Marquis, but which sniper isn’t at this point? :sweat_smile: That’s just another reason to buff Marquis, isn’t it? Marquis may be not be that hard to play, but if you want to win? There isn’t much he can do that someone else can’t do better.

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But, marquis Is an amazing and strong character, with supreme accuracy, and amazing wave clear late game, and a deadly attacker


HA. HA. HA HA. HAAAAH. Good one. Seriously though, have you played as Toby? Better damage, no reload, a stun, more health, boosters for escape… and all of this is early game. Marquis WAS an amazing and strong character, now? He can’t do anything before level 7. Unless your entire team is already crushing the enemy. Even THEN, Toby could still out do him. What’s the highest kill to death ratio you’ve seen a Marquis get (against an evenly matched opponent) in a winning match? As far as I’ve seen, he barely manages to get an EVEN kill to death ratio, let alone positive. Because unless your team is already winning, you’re being farmed by the enemy before you can even REACH late game.